Mackage Leather Jacket For Men: Celebrity Edition – John Legend

mackage leather jackets for men - john legend

Celebrities Wearing Mackage Leather Jackets and Coats. You think we’re done updating this post about famous men wearing Mackage? Of course not! Haha! But, this time, we ain’t limiting ourselves to leather jackets. We’re all about non-leather jackets and coats too! Anyhoo, here’s High School Musical star (who is now every inch a zaddy) Zac Efron wearing a Mackage while traveling. Did you know that the Jonas Brothers are fans of the brand? Joe is wearing a Mackage Seth military down parka in the next pic below while his younger brother Kevin opted for a Mackage Tobias lightweight down jacket in the pic after.

Oliver Stark Shirtless, Underwear, Birthmark, Girlfriend

male celebrity coat - tommy hilfiger on oliver stark

Oliver Stark Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Hot in Long Coat. For the longest time, we thought that Oliver Stark is the name played by Stephen Amell on the The CW’s superhero series Arrow so when we were looking at these photos of a cute male model rocking his Tommy Hilfiger winter coat we were like, “Wow, his real name is a superhero name. That’s pretty cool.”

Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets: Armani and Louis Vuitton

chris hemsworth leather jacket by louis vuitton

Chris Hemsworth Leather Jackets and Pants. We know you want us to continue blogging about celebrity leather jackets as well as Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth so we decided to do a two-in-one post by blogging about Chris rocking his leather jackets.

Mikel Arteta Jacket and Coat: Armani, Adidas, Nike

mikel arteta coat armani

Mikel Arteta Jacket and Coat: Emporio Armani, Adidas, Nike. After looking at our visitor data for the past ten years, we’d like to share an interesting tidbit about Famewatcher fans of football (the real one not the American version): you are curious about the jacket or coat of your favorite team manager.

Celebrity Winter Coats for Men: Keep Warm, Look Cool With Gucci

celebrities wearing gucci winter coats - james franco

Celebrity Winter Coats for Men: Keep Warm, Look Cool With Gucci. So, who of your favorite male celebrities from Hollywood and elsewhere were seen wearing Gucci winter coats? Well, we’ve written about Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas in the past but here are more recent photos of famous guys keeping themselves warm with the help of Gucci.

Best Mens Jackets? Take Your Pick, Dude!

best mens jackets converse

Best Mens Jackets? Take Your Pick, Dude! Since we’re all about fall jackets for men this week, here’s a collection of fab jackets from talented fashion designers and menswear manufacturers. Which one of these is your favorite? Which one will you add to your closet? Take your pick fellow fashion watchers! Are you going to pick this sports jacket by Converse? And you thought Converse is only about shoes, huh?