Tom Ford Leather Jackets: Blouson, Motorcycle, Blazer

Tom Ford Leather Jackets. Looking for trendy (and forever classic) leather jackets for 2015? Here are five leather jackets from the latest Tom Ford menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Check them out, pick your favorite, and tell us why you picked your favorite over all the others. Oh, and if you want to keep yourself warm this coming fall/winter with a Tom Ford original, go check out this Tom Ford Men’s Coat.

1. Tom Ford Dark Brown Lambskin Zip Detail Blouson.

tom ford leather jackets 2015 - DARK BROWN LAMBSKIN ZIP DETAIL BLOUSON

2. Tom Ford Black Waxy Leather Buckley Blazer.

tom ford leather jackets for men - BLACK WAXY LEATHER BUCKLEY BLAZER

3. Tom Ford Black Waxy Leather Fringed Blouson.

tom ford leather jackets latest - BLACK WAXY LEATHER FRINGED BLOUSON

4. Tom Ford Denim Blue Lambskin Zip Detail Blouson.

tom ford leather jackets spring summer 2015 - DENIM BLUE LAMBSKIN ZIP DETAIL BLOUSON

5. Tom Ford Black Waxy Leather Fringed Motorcyle Jacket.

tom ford mens leather jacket - 2015 - BLACK WAXY LEATHER FRINGED MOTORCYLER JACKET

So what do you think of these Tom Ford Leather Jackets? You love them, you hate them, you’re going “eh, I’ve seen them before” and are basically indifferent to them? Or are you thinking, “When are these gonna be sold on discount like those items being sold 50% off in the Tom Ford Sunglasses Sale? Well, to answer your question you, spendthrift, you: Are you crazy? Are you smoking maryjane or what? It is unlikely that these will be sold on a discounted price because they are the latest items from Tom Ford. Didn’t we tell you its from the 2015 menswear collection?

So have you picked a favorite from the five Tom Ford Leather Jackets? Ours would be the fourth one, the blue lambskin blouson leather jacket. Blue leather outfits ain’t common so we’ll pick one whenever we find it among our choices. Celebrities who, apparently, also love them their blue leather jackets include Ryan Reynolds (whatever is he up to these days), Jared Leto, and Justin Bieber. Follow the link to see ’em rocking their blue leather.

Question: Is Tom Ford trying to bring back the Native American look in menswear with his “fringe-style” and all. We love it! The cool thing is that he’s kept the fringes to a minimum because overdoing it make it silly and ridiculous.

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