Tom Wlaschiha Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Girlfriend

Tom Wlaschiha Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Girlfriend. Today in Celebrity Speedo, we bring you German actor Tom Wlaschiha who posted this pic of himself about to go for a swim on his Instagram page (follow him @tomwlaschiha). Yay!

Tom Wlaschiha speedo instagram @TomWlaschiha

If you watched the fourth season of Stranger Things, you should be familiar with the actor because he played Enzo/Dimitri or the Russian prison guard who eventually befriends Hopper aka the character played by David Harbour.

Tom Wlaschiha stranger things dmitri

Aside from Stranger Things, our hunky zaddy has starred in 77 other movies and television shows including Game of Thrones which earned him Screen Actors Guild nomination (ensemble) and a win from CinEuphoria Awards along with the other cast members as well as the producers of the show. Oh, he also received acting nominations from the German TV Award and the Monte Carlo TV Festival for his role on the TV series Das Boot. Check him out rocking his all-black leather as Hagen Forster.

Tom Wlaschiha das boot

Want some photos of Tom when he was younger? Of course you do! And we got some shirtless pics too particularly on this poster of No One Sleeps, a 2000 movie about AIDS where he plays the role of a gay researcher. Critics praised the actor for his performance but, apparently, the movie ain’t good at all. Anyhoo, here are shirtless pics of our German hunk from the film:

Tom Wlaschiha gay in no one sleeps2

Is he gay or straight in real life? Does he have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife? We do not know the answers to these questions at the moment but we will update this post ASAP when we do have the information. For the time being, here are more shirtless pics of a young Tommy.

Tom Wlaschiha shirtless in no one sleeps 2000

Tom Wlaschiha shirtless

Another photo of the actor in his swimsuit. Yay! This one is from the movie Pura Vida Ibiza which, we presume, is about hot guys vacationing in Ibiza. Haha.

Tom Wlaschiha underwear or swimwear pura vida ibiza

Tom Wlaschiha young

Tom Wlaschiha underwear briefs

And here are more recent photos of our German zaddy. He is the kind of guy who can rock anything he wears, isn’t he? Be they tailored suits or jeans and leather, he sure looks good in them.

Tom Wlaschiha hot men in suit

Tom Wlaschiha hot in leather jacket

Tom Wlaschiha enzo in stranger things

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