Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Celebrity Edition

Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Female Celebrity Moto Jackets. We’ve seen her dancing in the Fame movie remake, now here’s Kherington Payne looking good in her short yellow dress and a really chic white motorcycle jacket. Props to Kherington for looking good in yellow. Not a lot of women can wear yellow but she does it with flying colors.

womens biker leather jackets joseph brand

Update: Female Celebrities Wearing Womens Biker Leather Jackets. Who would have thunk that biker leather jackets are popular among female celebrities. Aside from Kherington Payne, here are nine other famous girls who were spotted wearing motorcycle leather jackets. Which of these outfits is your favorite?

Former child star and now teen star Dakota Fanning wore this Balmain Washed Soft Tailed Biker Leather Jacket in this photoshoot for the female fashion bible that is Vogue Italia.

womens biker leather jackets dakota fanning balmain

What do Dakota Fanning and country superstar Taylor Swift have in common? Hah, they both wear Balmain Washed Soft Tailed Biker Leather Jacket, of course. But instead of Vogue, Taylor wore it for an Elle Magazine covershoot.

womens biker leather jackets balmain taylor swift

Another famous singer who was spotted wearing a fab womens biker leather jacket is singer/actress Miley Cyrus. She is wearing a Doma Leather Vintage Biker Jacket in the upcoming movie, So Undercover, which is scheduled to come out by the end of July 2012.

womens biker leather jackets miley cyrus doma vintage

From teens/tweens, let’s move on to working Hollywood moms in biker leather jackets. First up is supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum seen below with her two beautiful children. What is she wearing? That’s a Rick Owens Washed Biker Leather Jacket, baby. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photo.]

And here’s Nicole Richie looking fabulous in her stylish Simone Red Leather Biker Jacket. This is the next best leather jacket for us after Kherington’s white one above.

famous womens biker leather jackets

British girls love them their motorcyle jackets too. Here’s British radio/TV host (should we say “presenter”?) Ferne Cotton looks gorgeous in her Alice by Temperley Eagle Leather Biker Jacket.

famous womens biker leather jackets fearne cotton

And here’s English singer/songwriter and X-Factor UK judge Tulisa Contostavlos rocking her Topshop Dalmatian Panel Biker Leather Jacket. We’re not liking the outfit but only because it kinda reminds us of the evil Cruella de Vil in the 101 Dalmatians movie.

tulisa womens biker leather jackets

Ukrainian supermodel Natalia Chabanenko’s Burberry Prorsum Studded Python Biker Leather Jacket reminds us of that big Harry Potter snake. What’s its name again? Nagini? But Natalia is a gorgeous girl.

womens biker leather jackets by burberry

So, which of the above designer womens biker leather jackets is your favorite? We are partial to the studded Burberry Prorsum because it just looks so badass.

Womens Biker Leather Jackets: Female Celebrity Edition first posted 06 February 2010. Last updated: November 7, 2019 at 5:29 am.