Mikel Arteta Jacket and Coat: Armani, Adidas, Nike

Mikel Arteta Jacket and Coat: Emporio Armani, Adidas, Nike. After looking at our visitor data for the past ten years, we’d like to share an interesting tidbit about Famewatcher fans of football (the real one not the American version): you are curious about the jackets or coats of your favorite team manager.

This is in contrast to Famewatcher fans of rugby who like to ogle at rugby players modeling underwear such as our post on Rugby Players Modeling Underwear. For their part, fans of the American version of football (aka NFL) love looking at shirtless images of their favorite athletes.

Does this mean that rugby and NFL fans are thirsty THOTs while soccer/football fans are wholesome? It is fair to arrive at that conclusion for Famewatchers but it should not be applied to the general fandom for the said sports.

Anyhoo, in celebration of Mikel Arteta’s masterful management of Arsenal FC which just won the FA Cup, here are some photos of the Spanish hunk rocking his jackets on the pitch.

mikel arteta coat armani

Apparently, Arteta’s game jackets became the subject of social media interest last December 2019 when he appeared on the pitch wearing four different jackets at four different times during the same game. Those who know their fashion identified some of said coats — maybe all four actually — to be from the Emporio Armani menswear collection.

mikel arteta coat by emporio armani

mikel arteta coat coach

mikel arteta coat he is wearing

Of course the football player turned manager wears other coats too like Adidas and Nike in the photos below. However, this is more a part of their uniform rather than his personal picks.

mikel arteta coat jacket by adidas

mikel arteta jacket by nike

Mikel Arteta Shirtless Photos. Surely there still are thirsty THOTs among us who want to ogle at Mikel’s shirtless photos, no?

mikel arteta hot beach body

mikel arteta hot body in shorts

Mikel with teammate Jack Wilshere back when they were both playing for Arsenal. Jack, who is now with West Ham United, was bullish about Mikel’s prospects as a manager and predicted that his former teammate will be successful as a manager because of his work ethic. Given Arsenal’s recent victory, you can say that Jack has been prophetic, no?

mikel arteta shirtless body with Jack Wilshere

Here’s what Jack says of Arteta’s discipline (via football365.com): “He was one of those guys in training who was always on it. He wouldn’t accept anything less than 100 per cent. Even if we were doing possession, he would try and base it around a game and try and talk to you about what we should be doing. Around the training ground he was first in, never late, he would do everything properly. His discipline was unreal. On the pitch as well, he was the leader for us. In the dressing room and around the place he wouldn’t get involved in any banter. His English was good, he knew the game, he was good. He was a big player for us.”

Mikel goes for a shirtless workout.

mikel arteta shirtless workout

Before you ladies and gays overdo your thirstiness over this Spanish hunk, we’d like you to know that he’s a very much married guy.

mikel arteta wife lorena bernal

He tied the knot back in 2010 with Spanish actress and TV host Lorena Bernal. The couple are the proud parents of three children.

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