Alex Cheesman Rugby Player as Underwear Model

Alex Cheesman Rugby Player as Underwear Model. Apparently, our hunky rugby player slash underwear model has retired last year because of injuries. He had a bad concussion and because of accumulated previous concussions a doctor advised him that it is bad if he continues playing.

Awww. We feel bad for him. But walking away from the sport is the right call considering how physically demanding it is. Also, the stories of NFL players who have to deal with the effect of concussions following retirement has become one of the biggest tragedies in pro sports.

Anyhoo, how is Alex Cheesman doing now? It seems like he has adjusted well to his new life. In an interview with, he reveals that he discovered a passion for carpentry and woodworking:

As players we have a fair amount of free time throughout the working week. My wife and I renovated a couple of old properties and this was my way into the world of carpentry. I had a real love for it straight away and this encouraged me to get my initial qualification in an evening class whilst playing, more through interest than anything else.

Hmmm, maybe he should connect with Wendell Holland of Survivor: Ghost Island who walked away from his job as a lawyer to start a woodworking company.

Oh, and here’s an update on those of you who were wondering years ago about Alex’s relationship status. According to the Cornish Pirates twitter account, the rugby hunk tied the knot back in August 2016 with a gal named Abbie.

Alex Cheesman Underwear: Property of England (29 September 2014). Ever heard of Property of England underwear? We haven’t either so we were curious to know more about it when we saw the above photo of rugby player Alex Cheesman wearing what appears to be a “Property of England” briefs.

Alex Cheesman Rugby Player Underwear

We were like, Property of England, that’s an interesting name for an underwear. Does it mean that the man wearing them cannot be claimed by the French or other nationalities and only the English have a claim on him? Hehe.

Anyhoo, it turns out that the Property of England label (if you can call it label) is one of the product lines of the Australian underwear company Aussiebum. So maybe calling it “Property of England” is a marketing ploy to crack the English men’s underwear market? Genius! You gotta hand it to those Aussiebum guys.

Alexander Cheesman Rugby’s Finest Hunks Calendar Model. Anyhoo, we are less interested in Aussiebum’s Property of England and are more interested in rugby hunk Alex Cheesman who, it turns out, is a regular fixture in the Rugby’s Finest Hunks Calendar. Here are other photos of our Cornish Pirates centre posing for other editions of the calendar project.

alexander cheesman calendar model

HeĀ  is Mr. September in the 2014 Rugby’s Finest Hunks Calendar.

alexander cheesman - rugbys finest calendar hunks - sept 2014 - cornish pirates

He shares the Mr. June “title” with Danny Care. This is from the 2011 edition.

alexander cheesman and danny care - rugby finest hunks calendar 2011

He is Mr. October 2011 too. Want more celebrity washboard abs?


Alex Cheesman Shirtless and in the Buff. Who wants to take a shower with Mr. Cheesman? We do! We do! Pic by famed photographer Bruce Weber is from a V Man Magazine photoshoot. He’s totally clothes-free in this pic. Unfortunately we had to cover him up lest our grandmama have a heart attack. Hehe.

Does our 25-year-old rugby hunk (he’s turning 26 a few days from now, 17 October) have a sponsorship and modeling contract with Aussiebum coz he seems to be wearing the brand more often than not?

alex cheesman underwear - aussiebum briefs

We don’t know if he’s a model for the Aussie brand but we do know that our handsome rugby player did some modeling for Abercrombie and Fitch. We were about to say “Ewwww” because Abercrombie is the epitome of uncool pretentiousness but we will not because we love us our Cheesman.

alexander cheesman - abercrombie male model - shirtless

Is Alexander Cheesman Gay or Straight? We don’t know. We think he’s straight but he’s supportive of LGBT people. In fact, he was spotted during a gay pride parade in London a few years back.

alexander cheesman gay pride london

Alex Cheesman Girlfriend. What’s Alex’s relationship status? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Does he have a girlfriend, wife, or significant other?

We’re getting no results so far on Google for answers to the above questions. If you know anything about the rugby hunks relationship stat, do tell in the comments. Hehe.

Alex Cheesman Rugby Player as Underwear Model. Posted 29 September 2014. Last updated: August 2, 2020 at 4:31 am.