Austin Stowell Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

austin stowell boxer shorts underwear

Austin Stowell Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all? We are referring, of course, to the boys of Catch 22. You know, the BBC/Hulu TV series about bombardiers in World War II which was produced by George Clooney just so he can ogle at hunky guys in short shorts. Hehe. We’re joking of course. Please don’t sue us Amal.

Matthew Gray Gubler Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend

matthew gray gubler tighty whitie underwear

Matthew Gray Gubler Underwear as Outerwear. Can someone tell us exactly what’s happening in the images below? Like, why is MGG waving a flag in his underwear? Why is he in an airport runway? Why is he dancing in his underoos in a grocery store? Is it for a movie? Or is he promoting the underwear-as-outerwear movement? Is there actually a movement like that?

Gavin Henson Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend?

gavin henson underwear calvin klein white boxer shorts

Gavin Henson Underwear, Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend?. Who says you can’t be grimy and hot at the same time? Not rugby player and Strictly Come Dancing star Gavin Henson who, despite all that mud on his body, is looking quite delectable in his Calvin Klein boxers underwear. Hehe.

Jake Hall Underwear as Swimwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend

jake hall underwear - white boxer briefs - beach

Jake Hall Underwear as Outerwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend. While we were browsing our Twitter feed, we came across these photos of a guy on a beach going for a swim in his freakin’ white boxer briefs underwear. First we went like, “Who’s he? He is kinda hot.” Then we mumbled, “Hmmm. Is using your underwear as swimwear a thing now among men?” Our friend Deena who was nearby doing her own thang heard us and said, “What are you talking about. Men have been wearing underwear in lieu of swimwear for the longest time. That ain’t a new thing.”

White Briefs Underwear: 12 Classy and Classic White Underwear

white briefs underwear for men - ginch gonch and jockey2

White Briefs Underwear for Men. Is there anything more classic when it comes to men’s underthingies than white briefs? We sure can’t think of any! Can you? Depends of course what you mean by classic and we here at Famewatcher defines the word as something that has stood the test of time, is still fashionable today, and won’t go away in the future. Like, you know, Levis denim jeans, a sharply tailored three-piece suit, and silk ties.