Just Cavalli Jacket and Suits for Men: Adam Lambert, Constantine Maroulis

Just Cavalli Jacket for Men: Constantine in Leather. Okay, maybe Constantine looks silly in the picture above but you gotta admit that he’s back to his smokin’ old self in the next photo. We ain’t Constantine fans but we think he’s hawt in this pic. The leather jacket he’s wearing, as some of you may have already guessed, is also by Just Cavalli. This guy sure loves him his J.C. fashion. We won’t be surprised if he’s wearing the label’s underwear underneath his pants.

just cavalli jacket leather on constantine maroulis

Footballers Suits: German Footballers in Men’s Suits


These are ad photos for a Hugo Boss perfume, but we’d rather ogle at their stylish suit and tie. Okay, not all of them are wearing men’s suits but we forgive him (hello, Lukas Podolski) because he kinda looks like Ewan McGregor in his leather jacket and stuff.

Who are these stylish footballers in suits? Well, let’s introduce them to you.