Boys in Suits: Young Celebrities Rock Their Suit and Tie

boys in suits - shawn mendes in balenciaga

Boys in Suits. Looking for tips on the best kind of suit for yourself or the young man you are buying the suit for? Well, first of all, there’s only one tip when it comes to men’s suits: find the right fit! Boys in suits look great if their outfit is neither too tight nor too loose. So buy a suit that fits the body well. Better yet, get it tailored. A custom-made bespoke suit is your best bet because it is made according to the person’s specific measurements.

Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch

Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch Men’s fashion question of the day: Are pinstripe suits still fashionable this year and the coming years to come? Our answer: Yes it is. But don’t wear a colorful suit with big stripes to a job interview unless you are applying to be the next Austin Powers in which case you should go ahead and buy yourself a multi-colored big-striped suit.

pinstripe suits in or out - austin powers suit

Suits for Men in Their Thirties: Fashion Style of Male Celebrities

Suits for Men in Their Thirties: Fashion Style of Male Celebrities. Let’s have more male celebrity suit and tie fashion and this time let’s focus on 30-something celebs and their choice of suits. We begin with David Beckham, the most famous soccer player these days (says Kevin but Toby disagrees and nominates Cristiano Ronaldo) who’s looking seriously professorial in his Simon Spurr pinstripe suit.

suits for men in their 30s david beckham simon spurr

Slim Fit Suit for Men: Celebrity Fashion Style Guide Edition

slim fit suit for men celebrity style

Celebrity Slim Fit Suits: Star Trek Hunks. Looking for male celebrities wearing men’s slim suits? Check out your favorite Star Trek hunks and their fabulous suits taken several months ago when they were promoting their movie in Sydney, Australia. These guys should have gone for the suit no tie look, no?

Hot Men in Suit: Celebrity Fashion Style Edition

Hot Men in Suit: Celebrity Style Edition. It’s male celebrity fashion time. So we’re bringing you these photos of your favorite actors and celebrities dressed in their dapper, nifty, sexy suit and tie outfits. If you want more men’s suit and tie, click here. But first, here’s Italian wrestling gold medalist Andrea Minguzzi. What a fine, fine man. [Want more Hot Men in Suit?]

hot men in suit andrea minguzzi italian wrestler