Mens Winter Sweaters: Male Celebrity Fashion


This photo is from years ago but Canadian hunk Luke Macfarlane looks really nice in his Adidas mens sweater doesn’t he? This is the kind of menswear that stands the test of time. It will be as stylish 50 years from now as it is today.

By the way, anyone out there envious of Luke’s really white teeth? He’s definitely not using mouthwash (which reportedly stains your teeth). Maybe he used ctip2 to regrow his teeth :-)

Underwear for Big Male Packages: Plus Size Fashion?

Underwear for Big Male Packages

Underwear for Big Male Packages – Suggestions. What is the best problem in the world that a man could ever have? To us, it would be the problem of this dude who posted this question at Yahoo Answers.

If we want a problem, it would be a problem like this one: “ok, so this question is kinda awkward but here it goes ok so i have a big package and its very annoying finding under wear, boxers, and boxer briefs that fit properly is there any brands of underwear for big crotched men???”