Channing Tatum Fashion Style: Rolex Watch and DG Leather

celebrity dolce gabbana leather jacket

Channing Tatum Fashion Style: Dress and Look Like Channing Tatum. Want to look like male supermodel/Hollywood actor Channing Tatum? Then check out his fashion style and copy it. Yup, that’s the simple secret to dressing like a celebrity or a male model. Just find out what they’re wearing, how they’re styling themselves, and simply imitate them. Before you know it, you’re looking like a celebrity/male model.

Plus Size Male Models: Six Hot Big and Tall Male Models

plus size male models - Jesse McNeilly

Plus Size Male Models: Six Hot Big and Tall Male Models. Are you looking for plus size male models? Well, we scoured the internets and made a list for the sexiest and hottest big and tall male models. Check ’em out! Who is your favorite plus size male model? Do tell in the comments!

Mens Tight Pants: Celebrities Wearing Bodyfit Trousers

mens tight pants

Mens Tight Pants: Celebrities Wearing Bodyfit Trousers. Here’s Part II of our post on American male model Aaron O’Connell or, as we called him in the past, our friend Deena’s imaginary boyfriend. We can see why Deena is smitten by him. He’s got the looks. He’s got the body. And, most importantly, he looks good in tight pants.

Mens Leggings: Still Trendy and Fashionable?

mens leggings - male model

Mens Leggings: Still Trendy and Fashionable After All These Years? If you thought four years ago that mens leggings is a flash in the pan and would be gone by now, you will be very mistaken. It really is here to stay. But not only is it staying, it has also managed to cross over to the mainstream in men’s fashion with companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour producing and selling them. As we mentioned in our original post in 2015, Hollywood celebrities have embraced the tighty outfit too. Here are more famous men spotted in leggings or meggings (men’s leggings):