Meggings or Male Leggings: Good, Bad, Terrible?

Meggings or Male Leggings: Good, Bad, Terrible? After the male body shaping underwear and the male bra, what’s next for men’s fashion? What about meggings?

What the heck is a megging? It’s reportedly a legging for males designed to support posture and gait as well as streamline and define and control temperature and moisture. How does it do all that stuff? Thanks to something called Helix-Mapping athletic support technology. Don’t ask us what a Helix-Mapping thingie is because we don’t know.

Anyways, the male leggings are going to be launched by the Australian company Equmen also known for its Core Precision Undershirt which claims to improve posture and visibly streamline and slim the wearer.

Are meggings going to a trend in the future? Does it have a market like the anti-cellulite pant Scala Bio Fir?

Mens Leggings: Good or Bad Idea?
28 November 2009

Is it okay for men to wear male leggings or meggings? Well, if you want your balls to be squished down there and possibly reduce your sperm count, then we’re going to say that it’s okay. Otherwise, leave the leggings to eccentrics like British comic Russell Brand.

Of course, if you’re a woman, you should go ahead and wear leggings like these sexy leggings worn by your favorite celebrities. Specially check out the Scala Bio-Fir leggings which supposedly has the ability to melt your unwanted cellulite.

UPDATE: Some of you argue that meggings or male leggings do not squish the balls:

Mara: I don’t know who wrote this article, but it must be somebody who don’t know a male body. Talking about the balls which cannot squeezed by leggings (meggings) but by any kind of pants.

So, writer what’s about pants off idea for men? Stay healthy without pants is very well known since late 1930′s , nobody cares and nobody will pay attention to that. How come? I can smell the business behind….. think about men would buy skirts instead of pants and would not get any of the diseases like testicle or prostate cancer? How many lifes could be safed and how much less pants would be sold? Just a little thought.

Jose: el comentatio anterior tiene razon y en realidad es como una envidia de las mujeres que critican a los hombres y solo ellas queieren lucir moda por que nosotros no la podemos difrutar hoy precisamente estube mirando una revista de moda solo una hoja de ropa de hombre y como cincuenta de mujeres no veo un trato igualitario y ademas lo unico que ponen son camisas y trajes que vemos desde las primeras peliculas que se filmaron eso es moda me parece que no ya es hora de igualar las cosas que les parece si en los defiles y las revisatas ubiera una mitad para cada uno.

Translation of Jose’s point by Google Translate: Comments above is right on and is actually a women envy men who criticize them and only look fashionable queieren we can not precisely estubo difrutar today looking at a fashion magazine just a piece of clothing a man and a I do not see fifty women equal treatment and also the only thing that put shirts and suits are that we see from the first movies that were filmed fashion that is I do not think it’s time to even things they think if the parades and Ubiera revisatas one half for each.