Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom HipHugger by Triumph

Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom By Triumph. Are you a man trying to win the battle of the bulge? What about using a body shaping underwear for men? Seriously. Well,this is actually old news from 2006 but we find it interesting so we are re-printing this story about how Japanese men in their 30s and 40s are using body shaping underwear. We’re not sure if the trend still continues in Japan or whether it caught on in other countries.

From Kyodo News:

“Body-shaping underwear for men has been selling surprisingly well,” said Kazumi Yoshihara, manager of Triumph International (Japan) Ltd.’s male underwear sales division. “The main buyers are those in their 30s and 40s.”

The underwear maker has been successful in selling ladies’ body-shaping undergarments, but is mining a new market among men as well.

In fact, men’s long girdles launched by the company have become hot-selling items even though men have long tended to avoid tight-fitting garments.

We might be mistaken but we think these men’s pelvic girdle underwear from Hom [Triumph Underwear’s male division] is the one that the above article is referring to.

mens body shaping underwear - hom mens girldle

Question to you fellow Famewatchers: Does this male model really need a slimming underwear?

mens body shaping underwear by hom triumph

The mens body shaping underwear by Triumph (aka Hom Girdle Underwear) is getting pretty good reviews (average of 4.5 stars out of 5) in, Japan’s biggest online shopping mall with over 50 million users. Here are some of the feedback (translated via Google Translate). Let’s start with those who gave the hip-hugger the highest score of 5 stars:

  • My husband’s favorite items. It seems pretty easy to wear back it.
  • There was a weird feeling at first was not hard to be tightened. I feel like the movement of the lower half was easier than that.
  • Very comfortable fit to the body. I will wear every day.
  • I have an upset lumbar back pain is softened to wear underwear, because this is unbearable fatigue, wear that is terribly easy. For me this underwear, underwear now love it.
  • The visual design is much interest, correct the image of the pelvis is a good feeling. Who care about the terms used once it is good.

Of course, there are those who were not entirely satisfied with the Hom mens body shaping underwear. Comments from those who gave it 2-3 stars (via Google Translate):

  • Moreover, it is too tight around the thighs. I try to use the impression, because of hypogastric belts are hard to wear other than the girdle. Nevertheless, “open front” rather than the toilet during the birth. Because time is precious when you work, Kimasen first. In other words, it did not fit my needs. Other manufacturers, “girdles open in front,” I purchased, even here at work is wearing. But if I can still comfortably wear, “or a product that the user really thought,” I wondered.
  • Once opened, they received the product skew-whiff mouth, crushed a perfect box? Could such a state. This Tsubure is not the responsibility of the shipping company. The crush-proof, or devised to the store, I think you should write not put anything on top?

So there you have the reviews of our Japanese friends on their body-shaping hip-hugger. The translations may not be 100% correct but we guess you’ll get the gist of what the people who bought and used the product are saying.

Oh, by the way, you might want to check out this video about another Japanese fashion trend, the male bra.

Mens Body Shaping Underwear: Hom HipHugger by Triumph. Posted 15 May 2009. Updated 20 May 2017.