Underwear for Big Male Packages: Plus Size Fashion?

Underwear for Big Male Packages – Suggestions. What is the best problem in the world that a man could ever have? To us, it would be the problem of this dude who posted this question at Yahoo Answers.

If we want a problem, it would be a problem like this one: “ok, so this question is kinda awkward but here it goes ok so i have a big package and its very annoying finding under wear, boxers, and boxer briefs that fit properly is there any brands of underwear for big crotched men???”

Underwear for Big Male Packages

Some of the answers are earnest but a few are really hilarious. Here’s a sampling of the hilarious ones.

1. Try keeping ice packs in your pocket. This shrinks the package and reduces sperm count!

2. this question is sooo arousing! i’ll let you wear a pair of my granny panties!!

3. Screw wearing underwear. Wrap that thing in bubble wrap and throw it around like the ax of Thor yelling “THIS IS MY MEAT STICK!”

4. If you have a big package, you might need to go to UPS and pay for extra shipping. Make sure to get the Parcel Insurance plan if the contents of the package are delicate

Okay, that’s enough now. Maybe them underwear manufacturers and designers have a solution for this guy? What about it Andrew Christian?

UPDATE: Here are more suggested answers. Some are serious while others are tongue-in-cheek.

1. Climacool shorts from Underarmour

2. Mormon underwear

underwear for big male packages - mormon magic underwear

3. Compression shorts or padded Spandex shorts (Bibs) – for those who are biking.

4. Calvin Klein briefs from the Body collection

5. Womens satin panties

6. Pouch front low rise briefs from CK or Tommy Hilfiger

7. A jockstrap with a big cup

underwear for big male packages

8. Pouch underwear for men by Big Boys

You know, a pouch underwear by any brand just might solve this guy’s problem because pouch undies often crops up amidst the wacky suggestions and cheeky comments.

So do you have suggestions regarding underwear for big male packages? Do tell in the comments.