Daniel Maguire Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?

daniel maguire bachelor

Daniel Maguire Shirtless Photos. Look who’s looking hot in his turtleneck sweater? It’s Canadian male model and Bachelorette reality star Daniel Maguire. Will the 31-year-old Canadian dude end up winning Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher’s heart? We sure hope so. But if he fails, there is always the possibility that he will come back as The Bachelor so there’s that.

Lucas Hedges Gay or Girlfriend, Parents, and Sweater King

lucas hedges sweater turtleneck fashion

Lucas Hedges Gay or Girlfriend, Parents, and Sweater King. Young actor Lucas Hedges sure loves, loves, loves him his turtleneck sweater, doesn’t he? It seems like he’s wearing one wherever he goes or whatever photoshoot he takes. For instance, here’s our young Lucas looking good in his sweater at a red carpet event.

Turtleneck Shirts for Men: Brand and Style Guide — and Sweaters Too

james bond spectre turtleneck

Turtleneck Shirts for Men. Back in 2010, we answered the question “are turtlenecks still in style?” with a big affirmative yes! Fast-forward five years later and the answer remains the same. Turtlenecks are still in style in men’s (and women’s) fashion. Just ask James Bond who’s rocking his turtleneck shirt in the photo above.

Chris Evans Knives Out Coat Brand, Scarf, and Sweater

chris evans coat knives out by theory - mogul scarf by drakes

Chris Evans Knives Out Coat Brand, Scarf, and Sweater. Did you watch the Rian Johnson movie Knives Out which was released three months ago? Well, if you did and you are like our friend Deena, you’d have come out of the theater gushing not only about the film but also about Chris Evans’ cable knit sweater.

Giles Matthey Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

giles matthey model - jeans and turtleneck sweater

Look who’s rocking his fabulous turtleneck sweater? It’s model turned actor Giles Matthey! This British actor is the embodiment of versatility. Not only can he model and act, he’s also got some chameleonic charm that makes him able to transcend different roles from a cad, to a leading man, to a boyish innocent looking pretty boy.