Cool Orange Look: Good Men’s Mix and Match Style

cool orange look for men

Is Orange Color Good for Men: Male Fashion Tips (31 January 2011). Unless you are a member of Ananda Marga, you really shouldn’t be wearing an all-orange ensemble. You know, like the male model above from a Louis Vuitton fashion show. Bright colors like orange can look good as just a part of your total look but to wear the same bright color from head to toe is overdoing it. Sure you can attract attention but you will look ridiculous.

Seven for All Mankind Jeans: Celebrity Fans of the Brand


Ben Affleck, seen here with his daughter, apparently loves him his 7 For All Mankind Jeans. Well, we’re not really surprised because Seven Jeans has established itself as a fashion denim brand that celebrities love to love. It’s a remarkable achievement especially because Seven Jeans isn’t even ten years old yet! So the people behind the brand really deserve a lot of props.