Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants: Mike Sorrentino, John Daly, Tony Sales

Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants. Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. What will men do without them? [Deena says: Duh, they will wear any other kind of pants.] Aww, come on Deena, do you really think men these days would wear a pair of psychedelic pants a-la Austin Powers? You think we’re back in the 1960s?

Oh wait.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is actually wearing a pair of psychedelic pants in the pic below. But, it isn’t as loud as you’d expect for a psychedelic outfit and for the Jersey Shore guy so this actually works for him. We wouldn’t mind seeing our boyfriend wearing something like that during our casual evening walks.

Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants the situation

Are psychedelic pants still in fashion? Where is it acceptable to wear them. Well, don’t wear them to the office. Or when you are going to a board meeting. Or when you are going to work. Unless, like the delightfully controversial John Daly below, your work is hitting teeny-weeny balls on the golf course.

Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants john daly

By the way, it might interest you to know that John Daly’s love for “out loud” style has earned him a gig as a celebrity spokesmodel for a clothing company called Loud Mouth which makes psychedelic outfits.

Good for you, Johnny boy! That’s a pretty good example of making money while doing the things you love, no?

Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants john daly loud mouth pants

Aside from Sorrentino and Daly, are there other male celebrities out there who love them their psychedelic pants?

We’d like to think that that rocker dude who was a judge on American Idol (his name is at the tip of our tongue but it just won’t get out) loves to wear psychedelic pants but we don’t have the photos to prove it. He’s just the type. [Update: The name we had in mind is the crazy Steven “Beautiful” Tyler.]

A rock musician who did wear (maybe he still does) psychedelic pants is Tony Sales. Check him out in the pic below from back in 1968. [Question for Famewatchers: Who’s the pretty girl he’s with?]

celebrity mens psychedelic pants - tony sales - 1960s

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers. Want more men’s casual wear?

Celebrities Wearing Psychedelic Pants. Posted 16 January 2013. Updated 9 May 2017.