Josh Hutcherson Fashion Style: Teen Casual Wear

But let’s focus on Josh’s style, shall we? Here are some fashion photos of the 19-year-old when he did a photoshoot for Nylon Magazine. It’s very Josh. Stylish. Chic. Casual. Comfortable. [Want to see more Men’s Casual Fashion?]

Cute! Cute! SuperCute. Hehe. What is Josh wearing in the picture below? The jacket is by DSquared, the T-shirt is from the Diesel menswear collection, while his jeans are by All Saints.

Designer Casual Wear for Men: Gucci, Armani, Burberry, Marc Jacobs

Today in men’s casual wear, let’s take a look at what your favorite fashion labels are designing. Take a look at this fabulous jacket by the Spanish designer label that is Balenciaga. [Apparently, male models with pouty bee-stung lips are still in.]

V-Neck striped sweater by the Italian fashion house, Gucci. [This is a subtle zebra print fashion for men for guys who don’t want to be labeled as gay for wearing a zebra print outfit.]

Best Blazers for Men: From Top Designer Labels

Today in men’s casual fashion, we bring you these designer blazers for men. Tell us which of these four items is your favorite? The first one above is by Patrick Evrell. Next, we have this blazer by Giorgio Armani.
Blazers for men from the Calvin Klein Spring 2011 collection. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best blazer for our boy? Take your pick, guys. We love the light gray blazer the best. But that’s us, we often prefer the more conservative darker shades than the bright colored ones. What about you, which of these Calvin Klein men’s blazers is your favorite?