Yachting Clothes For Men: Camp David Menswear

Yachting Clothes For Men: Camp David Menswear. What should you wear when you go yachting? Well, what about this outfits from Camp David? Are they cool and breezy enough for you? If you don’t know already, Camp David is a clothing company in Germany which specializes in manufacturing outdoorsy menswear.

yachting clothes for men camp david

Looks like these two guys are the same models for the Camp David camping photos, you know, the ones that kinda look like Brokeback Mountain.

yachting clothes for men camp david

So from camping in Brokeback, moved to the sea to go yachting.

yacht racing clothes for men

They should be fishing too but we don’t see any fishing gear. Hehe.

yachting clothes outfits for men

Want more outfits from Camp David? Check out these guys in blue jeans, these Camp David men’s jackets, and this German leather jacket.

What Celebrities Wear on a Yacht. Now, for those of you who are wondering about what you should wear when you go yachting, let’s take our cues from celebrities, shall we? First, never ever forget a yachting jacket that you’ll need when it gets windy and cold. Remember, you’re at sea so you should protect yourself from the harsh elements. Here’s Uma Thurman looking cool in her Nijole Python Jacket.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is your swimwear. That is, if you plan to dip in the sea while yachting. Check out Paris Hilton and her two-piece bikini swimsuit during one of her many vacations on a yacht.

For the boys, get yourself a pair of swim shorts or board shorts or you can wear a white Speedo a-la David Beckham. Surely Becks loves him his banana hammocks because here’s the English footballer in another pair of Speedo swimsuit.

Like Victoria in the photo above, you should have a headgear to protect your hair/head as well as your face from the harsh sun. In the case of Spain’s Princess Letizia and her daughters, the most sensible headgear is a nice pretty hat.

A sarong, like Johnny Depp’s, is a sensible yachting outfit too if you plan to go swimming.

There’s no rule that says you can’t wear loose trousers, strapless tops, and high heeled shoes on a yacht, is there? Of course not! Here’s Ivana Trump wearing exactly those things on her yacht, Ivana.

A long-sleeve shirt is also a good idea when you go yachting as, again, this helps you battle the elements. Here’s Eva Longoria wearing a Maggie Ward shirt while on a yacht date with rumored boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

Finally, one of the most important outfits that you should not forget is a life vest like the one Leonardo di Caprio is wearing in the photo below.

So fellow Famewatchers, take what these celebrities are wearing in their yachting adventures as your cues as to what to wear when you go yachting yourself.

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