Green Speedo Swimwear for Men

Green Speedo Swimwear for Men. Okay, SpeedoWatchers, we know you love guys in their scanty bathing suits so, being the people pleasers that we are, we are gonna give you what you want. Specifically we are giving you actors, athletes, and male models rocking their pairs of green Speedos. Yay! But, because we are trying to stay in the good graces of the powers-that-be aka Grandma Akita, we got the more sanitized photos. Haha.

Anyhoo, let’s begin our list of celebrities who rocked their green swimwear with our imaginary Aussie beau Cody Simpson. Cody deserves a lot of props and appreciation from us appreciators of Men in Speedos because, boy, does he keep on giving us photos like the one below.

green speedo celebrity - cody simpson

Next up is no other than Sacha Baron Cohen himself who made famous this neon green tankini in the 2006 movie Borat. Unfortunately, we had to crop the photo to avoid Grandma Akita’s banhammer.

green speedo for men - borat

Here’s a question for those of you with good vision: Is Luke Evans wearing dark green Speedo in the next photo below? We say he does but Deena insists he is wearing black with a light green string. What say you, SpeedoWatchers?

green speedo for men - luke evans

We are in agreement that Luke’s boyfriend, Fran Tomas, is wearing green Speedos.

green speedo celebrity - fran tomas with boyfriend luke evans

Next up, here’s actors Andrew Stevens and Sam J. Jones wearing green swimwear during the Battle of the Network Stars from back in the 80s. This is one of the photos we had to crop to hide the jewels within. Haha.

green speedo tv actors - Andrew Stevens and Sam J. Jones in Battle of the Network Stars XI (1981)

green speedo tv actors - andrew stevens - battle of the network stars

We are not surprised that some competitive swimmers wear green Speedos but we are kinda surprised — and a little curious as to why — that green appears to be a color motif for the uniform of Australia’s swim team. Do you know why? Here are photos of Aussie swimmers wearing green swimwear: first one is from the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, next is the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and the last one is from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

green speedo australian swimmers 2022 birminghan commonwealth

green speedo male swimmers - Cameron McEvoy poses during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games

green speedo swimwear for men 1984 Australian men’s relay team – Mike Delaney, Greg Fasala, Mark Stockwell and Neil Brooks

Olympic gold medalists Florent Manaudou and James Guy are not Aussies but they obviously like them their green Speedos too. For those wondering, Florent is French while James is English.

green speedo boys - swimmers Florent Manaudou James Guy

Let’s end this post with these male model photos starting with our imaginary beau Edilson Nascimento.

green speedo male models - edilson nascimento runway

green speedo adidas swimbriefs model

green speedo mens - smithers swimsuit

green speedo for men - jean_te on instagram

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