Jesse Palmer Shirtless GMA Hunk: Gay or Girlfriend?

Jesse Palmer Shirtless GMA Hunk. So we came across this photo on the ABC News Twitter page and we went, “Whoa! Who’s this hunk of a man? Why have we not seen him before?”

Of course we are not referring to geeky hunk George Stephanopoulos because he’s been too long in the news biz so everybody knows him. Neither are we talking about manly but fun hunk Michael Strahan because everyone and their aunt also knows him.

Instead, we are talking about — and are drawn to — the third guy in the photo. Who is he?

jesse palmer gma hunk who is he3

Well, fellow clueless Famewatchers, the guy is Jesse Palmer. It turns out that he was the Bachelor on the fifth season of The Bachelor. It turns out too that he was a quarterback on the NFL. He played for the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers. After his quarterbacking days, he became a football analyst for ESPN/ABC as well as the TSN in Canada. And, lastly, he joined Good Morning America in May 2015 as a special contributor. So he’s been with GMA for more than a year now.

Jesse Palmer Shirtless Photos. Of course, we are gonna publish his shirtless pics. After all, if we did it for Michael and George, we should also do it for Jesse, right?

So here you go. It’s a screencap image of Jesse Palmer shirtless from his The Bachelor days:

jesse palmer shirtless body2

And here’s another one from his Instagram account (follow him @jessepalmerabc).

jesse palmer shirtless - instagram @jessepalmerabc

And, finally, we saved the best for last. This one was taken from his younger days.

jesse palmer shirtless gma football hunk2

Nice, eh?

Is Jesse Palmer Gay or Straight? Of course he is straight. Why else would he go to The Bachelor to look for a partner? These next photos of our Jesse are kinda gay though. Hehe.

jesse palmer gay tight shirt

The Devil On Our Shoulder sez: “Tight body-hugging shirt? Turtleneck? How gay is that?”

jesse spencer gay or straight

In response, The Angel on Our Shoulder sez: “Shut up! He’s Canadian. It’s cold up north! They need turtlenecks. And they wear tight clothes to keep the heat!”

What say you, Famewatchers? Who do you think got it right? Our Guardian Angel or our Guardian Devil?

Jesse Palmer Girlfriend? So what’s Jesse’s relationship status at the moment? Is he married? Or engaged? Maybe he’s dating? Better yet, is he single and ready to mingle?

He gave his final rose to Jessica Bowlin and the two dated for a few months after the show. But they eventually called it quits. We can’t find any info on whether he is in a relationship at the moment. If he is, he is keeping it private which is his right to do.

jesse palmer gma hunk - bachelor 5 with jessica bowlin

In conclusion, let’s end this post with this photo of a young Jesse Palmer looking hot and totally shaggable in his football uniform.

jesse palmer football uniform

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