Union Jack Underwear For Men: Male Models and Celebrities

Union Jack Underwear For Men. We’ve done a post on American flag underwear, now let’s do a British version. Famewatchers, check out your favorite male models and celebrities wearing their Union Jack Underwear for men.

Greg Rutherford. Our Olympic gold medalist (long jump event) tops our list because he brings home athletic honors for Britain. More importantly, he also looks hawt in his Union Jacks.

Greg Rutherford Underwear - Union Jack Boxer Briefs

Ronnie Braithwait. Ronnie is a actor, model, and film/stage crew based in Manchester, UK. If you wanna cast him for modeling gigs, you can get in touch with him through his Instagram account (@ronniebraithwait).

union jack underwear for men - ronnie braithwait - male model

Moises Garcia. Our hunky model poses in his British flag swimwear (by Manus Swimwear) in this photo captured by Adrian C. Martin. Photo courtesy of Manus.

british flag speedo - Moises Garcia - manus swimwear

Lucas Bernardini (below right). Did you know that Dolce and Gabbana also makes Union Jack underwear for men? Okay, we are not 100% sure if it still does but they should make something like this outfit a part of their permanent menswear collection. If you know of any other designer labels that make British flag underwear, do tell in the comments.


Random Model (above left). We don’t know the name of this model but we do know that you can buy his Union Jack speedo swimbriefs for €39 (discounted from €59). So where can you buy this outfit? At aerosol.tv.

Tom Daley. Britain’s wonder boy in the world of competitive diving rocks his Union Jack Speedo swimsuit. Our friend Kevin loves this outfit the best because, in his words, the “union jackness” is subtle and not shouty. He has a point, huh?

british flag speedo - tom daley

Jake Hold also rocks his Union Jack swimsuit. But, unlike Tom above, he opted for a squarecut outfit rather than Tom’s briefs-style Speedo. Now, Jake should put on a shirt unless he wants to get his body burned. Some years of watching Kathy Griffin’s show has taught us that redheads like Kathy and Jake are easily burned by the sun.

british flag underwear - jake hold

Warwick Rowers. Let’s end this post with this photo of the members of the Warwick rowing team who stripped to their union jack underwear for men when they visited the office of news aggregator Buzzfeed.

union jack speedo briefs for men - warwick rowers - buzzfeed

Finally, it might interest you to know that these hunky rowers, who hail from the University of Warwick, are famous worldwide for producing charity calendars to raise funds for LGBT causes. If you wanna help these guys, you should buy their calendar.

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