Jarvis Landry Shirtless Nike Underwear Model

Jarvis Landry Shirtless Nike Underwear Model. Aside from British football star Marcus Rashford, another footballer — but this time of the American variety — who recently posed for a print advert for Nike men’s underwear is Jarvis Landry. The athlete-turned-male model is a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL).

jarvis landry underwear cleveland browns

So what’s so special about Nike men’s underwear? Well, according to The Independent, “the styles are designed for various activities to be comfortable and versatile. They feature the brand’s DRI-FIT technology and are made in a four-way stretch material, with sweat-wicking technology.”

jarvis landry underwear model for nike

Here are more photos of our 28 year old American football player posing in his Nike underoos. Unfortunately, we had to crop the photos to abide by the guidelines of our censorious Grandma Akita.

jarvis landry nike mens underwear2

Some facts about our purple-haired Jarvis for those of you who are not very familiar with NFL players: He comes from a footballing family as his brother and a cousin were also college football stars. According to wikipedia, he made six Super Bowl appearances and was the NFL receptions leader in 2017. He was ranked by his fellow footballers in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018 and he inked a extension contract with the Cleveland Browns worth $75.5 million extension ($47 million guaranteed) which, at the time, made him the sixth-highest paid receiver.

Apparently, he is close friends — actually best friends — with Oddell Beckham who was his teammate when they were playing for the LSU Tigers of the Louisiana State University.

jarvis landry nike mens underwear

Okay, we were thinking of making separate posts for the other models who posed for the Nike underwear campaign but we reckon it’s best if we just add them here. Apparently, these guys — Akin Akman and Ariel Foxie — are Nike trainers.

nike mens underwear model Ariel Foxie - nike trainer

nike mens underwear model Akin Akman - nike trainer

Turns out that Nike ain’t just a shoe and apparel company but is in the personal training business too. Who’d have thunk?

Now what exactly do Nike trainers do? Here’s what the company’s website says about the matter: “Nike Trainers work hard to earn the title. They represent the pinnacle of every training discipline, from high-intensity training to yoga—and they’re leading a charge to transform lives through holistic fitness. We sought them out in cities around the world—and together we created the workouts in the Nike Training Club App, where their advice and guidance helps athletes hone their routine and reach their goals.”

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