Pierre Louis Shirtless Mexican Actor

Pierre Louis Shirtless Mexican Actor. Thirsty Famewatchers, want more hunky guys from south of the border? Well, say hi to our imaginary Mexican boyfriend Pierre Louis who is currently starring on the Netflix show Everything Will Be Fine.

Pierre Louis underwear peekabo - mexican actor

Boy, Netflix really should do a better job of presenting its shows in its very own platform. All we see are the same shows over and over generated by an AI bot which must have been programmed by a dummy because when we click at “New releases” all we see are the same shows we watched months ago. Everything Will Be Fine does not come up at all which is a disappointment because we are fans of showrunner/producer Diego Luna and we’d love to watch his projects. So, Netflix, why hire and pay good money to people to make movies and TV shows if you are going to hide these projects from viewers. So, annoying!

Anyhoo, rant over, this post is really about our imaginary boyfriend Pierre. We must underscore the word imaginary part because the guy is actually engaged to actress Paulette Hernandez and we don’t what his fiancee to get mad at us. Haha. Here’s a photo of the good-lookin’ couple attending an event:

pierre louis Paulette Hernández girlfriend fiancee

Pierre Louis Shirtless Photos. And here are some shirtless photos of our Mexican hunk to make you go, “Hubba! Hubba!”

Pierre Louis sin camisa

Pierre Louis shirtless sin camisa

Pierre Louis gay or straight

For the record, he looks hot when he’s not shirtless too!

pierre louis muscles

pierre louis fashion style

Pierre Louis hot mexican hunk

Everything Will Be Fine is the actor’s first project which is released worldwide but, according to his IMDB profile, he has starred in 14 other TV shows. He will also be starring in the upcoming movie Chilangolandia. If IMDB is correct, this will be his very first appearance on the big screen.

Pierre Louis Underwear Update: Apparently, he played an LGBT role on the TV series Control Z. In an episode of series he’s on a video call with his beau and we catch a glimpse of him in his green boxer briefs underwear.

Pierre Louis homosesual in control z

pierre louis underwear in control z

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