Marcus Rashford Underwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Endorsements

Marcus Rashford Underwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Endorsements. Apparently, Nike has not given up on the idea of competing for a share of the pie in the men’s underwear market. Proof of this is the fact that, last year, it launched an underwear campaign featuring British football star Marcus Rashford. Here are some photos from said ad campaign:

Marcus Rashford nike underwear

Marcus Rashford underwear ad campaign by nike

marcus rashford underwear boxer briefs

marcus rashford underwear nike

Appparently, the American apparel brand inked an endorsement deal with the British football when he was only 11 years old. The parties then renewed their contract in June this year but we do not know for how long.

Marcus Rashford endorsement deals nike

Other Endorsement Deals. Aside from Nike, Marcus has partnered with other brands like Coca Cola, Burberry, and Macmillan.

Marcus Rashford endorsement coca cola

Marcus Rashford endorsement deals - burberry

Marcus Rashford endorsement macmillan

The footballer, who currently plays for Manchester United and the English national team has been in the headlines lately because of his work to end child hunger as well as his other advocacies such as his campaigns against racism as well as homelessness.

He’s done a great job on and off the pitch and we were surprised to find out that he is only 23 years old. Because he’s made such an impact and because we are not from the UK, we initially thought he is an elder statesmen of the sport of football every time news about his good work filters across the pond. So color us surprised and impressed when we found out that he’s still in his early 20s. Good for you, Marcus! May you continue to be a blessing.

Marcus Rashford Gay or Straight? He is straight and, prior to the pandemic, he was in a relationship with long time ex-girlfriend Lucia Loi. However, the two broke up early this year after eight years.

Why you ask? Apparently, the COVID pandemic is partly to blame. The Daily Star quotes a source on what went down: “After eight years together, Marcus and Lucia have made the mutual decision to part ways. It is a result of the pressures and strains of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, and the confinement that has brought with it over the last 12 months. There is a strong mutual love and respect for one another, having met at school, and there is a continued dialogue with the hope of a reconciliation in the future.”

The two met when they were still students at the Ashton on Mersey School in Manchester. We gotta say we are still rooting for these two to get back together not only because we are fans of the high-school sweethearts to married couple trope. Oh, and they look so good together, don’t they?

Marcus Rashford girlfriend

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