Kimo Leopoldo Arrested, Shirtless, Beefy Muscle Santa

What elevates this photo from “cool” to “awesome” is the fact that Kimo tied up with an organization that helps immobile children and seniors. So, our retired MMA fighter is spending his time helping the sick.

Although we were not a fan of his MMA career (because we weren’t interested in MMA back when he was active), we are a fan of the fact that he’s helping some people who need help. Merry Christmas everyone!

Akihiro Gono MMA Fighter: Gay Man or Showman?

AKIHIRO GONO MMA FIGHTER. Eh, you want proof that mixed martial is kinda gay? What about War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver getting arrested in a gay bar following a brawl? That’s not enough proof for you? Okay, what about the above photo of Japanese MMA fighter Akihiro Gono wearing a shimmering silver dress?

War Machine Gay Bar Bust, Weigh In Photos, Adult Movie Career

WAR MACHINE GAY BAR BUST. American mixed martial arts fighter Jon Koppenhaver aka War Machine was arrested by the Las Vegas police after he was involved in a “tussle” in a gay bar. From TMZ: Former “Ultimate Fighter” badass Jon Koppenhaver was picked up by Las Vegas PD for misdemeanor battery Saturday morning after allegedly getting into a tussle at Krave Nightclub — a place described by one of their reps as “gay … but very straight-friendly.”