MMA Underwear: Your Favorite Fighters’ Favorite Brands

mma underwear - Seth Petruzelli weigh in

MMA Underwear: Your Favorite MMA Fighters’ Favorite Brands. Do mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters wear underwear under their fight shorts? Is there a special kind of underwear specifically designed for MMA practitioners or will any underwear do? And, finally, what kind of underwear does your favorite MMA fighter wear outside the octagon?

Paul Rothmann Hot Lawyer in Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Photos

Paul Rothmann speedo underwear

Paul Rothmann Hot Lawyer in Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Photos. Famewatchers who are fans of hot lawyers wearing Speedo swimsuits, meet Paul Rothmann. He is a South African lawyer and TV personality who hosts a popular lifestyle show called Pasella. He is also a world champion in Thai kickboxing, a winner of the 2009 Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man of the Year title, and a motivational speaker. Oh did we say he looks hot AF in a Speedo? We can’t just say that without showing you proof can’t we? So here you go, fellow Famewatcher.

Brian Stann Shirtless and Underwear: Marine to MMA Fighter

brian stann marine uniform

Brian Stann Shirtless and Underwear: Ex-Marine Turned MMA Fighter. We were channel surfing last week when we came across the fight between the great Wanderlei Silva and Brian Stann. Of course, we Famewatchers know who Wanderlei is because he is a living legend in MMA (mixed martial arts).

Daniel Kucan Shirtless: Sell This House – Extreme

Daniel Kucan shirtless

Daniel Kucan Shirtless. This post is for you Famewatchers who are looking for shirtless photos of the cute guy on the reality TV show, Sell This House: Extreme. We are referring, of course, to Daniel Kucan. If you are like our friend Ronnie, you’d have mistakenly thought that Daniel is gay but he is actually straight and married. According to wiki, Daniel and his wife are currently living in Los Angeles.

James Haskell Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, MMA Fighter

james haskell mma fighter bellator

He signed up with Bellator as a heavyweight fighter and, if reports are to be believed, we’d be seeing him go toe-to-toe with another fighter sometime in 2010. We gotta give props to a guy who moves from one of the manliest of sports to the even manlier (and way more violent) world of MMA fighting. We also gotta give props to him for not closing the door on his Speedo-wearing ways. Yay! If we’d ever make a blog post about MMA fighters rocking their Speedos, James would be on the top of the list.