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Conor McGregor Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Sponsors

Conor McGregor Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Sponsors. Guess who’s about to become a legitimate Hollywood actor? It’s our favorite MMA fighter Conor McGregor, that’s who. Specifically, he will be co-starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in a remake of the 1989 movie Roadhouse. Here’s a mock-up poster for the upcoming feature which is scheduled for release in 2023 on Amazon Prime:

conor mcgregor roadhouse actor

Some info about the Irish fighter’s first movie ever (via “Road House will follow a former UFC fighter, played by Gyllenhaal, who takes a job as a bouncer at a rough-and-tumble roadhouse in the Florida Keys, but soon discovers that not everything is what it seems in the tropical paradise. It remains unknown who McGregor will be playing in the project, but sources have made it clear that he would be playing an original character and not himself.”

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Asian MMA Fighters: Win-Loss Record and Stats

Asian MMA Fighters: Win-Loss Record and Stats (Posted 4 May 2015, updated 4 May 2022). Let’s have a list of Asian MMA fighters in the UFC, shall we? Let’s check out their win-loss record as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, their status with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (i.e., whether they are still playing or are already retired), and what they are doing now or their latest updates. We begin our list with:

Lyoto Machida. With his good looks and all, this Japanese-Brazilian — his dad is originally from Japan while his mom is Braziian — MMA fighter can give those male supermodels a run for their money. According to wikipedia Lyoto is, as of December 2014, ranked #3 in the official UFC middleweight rankings and #5 in the world by Sherdog. Lyoto currently sports a 22-6 win-loss record; he lost his most recent bout last April 18 to Luke Rockhold. Worth $4 million (according to, Machida is married to wife Fabyola with whom he has two kids named Taiyô and Kaitô.

asian mma fighter - lyoto machida

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Dan Yates is an Out MMA Fighter and Model

Dan Yates MMA Fighter: Brysen, Boyfriend, Modeling Photos. Today in Hot MMA Fighters, we bring you Michigander Dan Yates who probably holds the distinction as the first MMA fighter who is openly out of the closet, is a proud member of the LGBT community, and is active in the sport.

Can you think of anyone else? If you do, sent the info our way. But MMA fighters who came out after they retired or who are out only to family and friends do not count. Anyhoo, here’s Dan Yates aka Mr. Genuine inside the octagon.

dan yates mma fighter out lgbt

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Charles Dera Update: Actor, Ex-Marine, and MMA Fighter

Charles Dera Update: A Decade Later. More than ten years later, whatever happened to our favorite former oldier turned model turned MMA fighter? Well, he is now north of 40 — specifically, he is 42 years old — which makes him a zaddy in our book.

Also, did you know that he is also an actor in adult movies? We did not know this at the time we wrote our original post below but, apparently, he’s been “acting” 2007. To date, he starred in 430 videos according to his IMDB page. If that ain’t the definition of prolific, we don’t know what is.

What is he doing now? Did he stop acting? Is he married and raising a family? From what we gathered, it looks like our ex-Marine is still living the single life although he dated an adult actress named Teanna. He is still active acting in front of the camera and seems to be very much in demand because he’s already got tons of projects released in 2021 alone. Like we said, he is prolific.

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Paul Rothmann Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo, Lawyer Hunk

Paul Rothmann Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo, Hot Lawyer Hunk. Famewatchers who are fans of hot lawyers wearing Speedo swimsuits, meet Paul Rothmann. He is a South African lawyer and TV personality who hosts a popular lifestyle show called Pasella.

He is also a world champion in Thai kickboxing, a winner of the 2009 Cosmopolitan S*xiest Man of the Year title, and a motivational speaker.

Oh did we say he looks hot AF in a Speedo? We can’t just say that without showing you proof can’t we? So here you go, fellow Famewatcher. Unfortunately, we had to do a little photo cropping because our Grandma Akita is, once again, being censor-happy.

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MMA Underwear: Your Favorite Fighters’ Favorite Brands

MMA Underwear: Your Favorite MMA Fighters’ Favorite Brands. Do mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters wear underwear under their fight shorts? Is there a special kind of underwear specifically designed for MMA practitioners or will any underwear do? And, finally, what kind of underwear does your favorite MMA fighter wear outside the octagon?

The answer to the above questions according to our friend Michael who is an avid MMA fan: 1) Yes the fighters wear underwear during their fights, 2) compression underwear or these workout underwear is the best, and 3) depends on who your favorite MMA fighter is.

We did a little digging to find out the MMA underwear that your favorite fighter loves and the following list is what we came up with. We’re assuming here that these are their favorite brand because why else would they be wearing them during their weigh-ins.

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