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Ben Shelton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles

Ben Shelton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Titles. Years ago, we thought the likes of Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniil Medvedev, Casper Ruud, and our favorite Nick Kyrgios would send the old guard packing but, we must say, the young guns pretty much underperformed. Sure, Roger Federer is now retired, Rafael Nadal is on his way out, and Novak Djokovic is no longer unbeatable but these oldsters were not defeated and displaced by the Tennis Next Gen. Rather, they lost to or are being beaten by Father Time.

We say all that because maybe the real Next Gen who will lord it over the tennis realm belongs not to the Kyrgios generation but to Ben Shelton and his cohorts, no? Although he’s still to win an ATP title, Ben impressed at the Australian Open this year when he made it all the way to the quarterfinals. His feat made headlines in the US and the tennis world and he even made it to the pages of Vogue Magazine.

ben shelton gay or straight vanity fair2

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Eman Esfandi Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Eman Esfandi Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Look who’s getting his biggest break to date in a Disney TV show? Well, you should already know because his name is in the title but if you missed it, we are referring to Eman Esdandi who will be playing the role of Ezra Bridger in the upcoming Disney+ miniseries Star Wars: Ahsoka. You should check it out when it drops on 23 August.

Aside from this show, Eman has starred in 15 other movies and television shows including the LGBT indie movie The Inspection and the critically acclaimed movie about Venus and Serena Williams’ father, King Richard.

Eman Esfandi gay in the inspection

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Karl Walcott Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend

Karl Walcott Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend. Look who’s joining teen cast of Riverdale? Oops, what teen cast are we talking about. Like other Hollywood movies or TV shows, the teen characters on Riverdale are actually being played by actors in their 20s or in their 30s — like our imaginary beau KJ Apa is 25, Cole Sprouse and Drew Ray Tanner are 30, and Charles Melton is two years north of 30.

But to answer the question on who’s joining the Riverdale cast, well, one of the newbies is Karl Walcott who will be playing a “teen renaissance man”.

karl walcott ethnicity

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Dak Prescott Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Parents

Dak Prescott Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. We’re updating this post to note that Dak is reportedly dating girlfriend Natalie Buffett. According to People Magazine, the two have been seeing each other since 2020. The mag adds that Natalie is a social media influencer with a degree in civil engineering from Southern Methodist University. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the 2022 NFL Honors Award Ceremony.

dak prescott girlfriend Natalie Buffett

We should note that Dak was the highest paid footballer in 2021 according to Forbes Magazine. Apparently, he made $87 million that year outearning the usual top dog Tom Brady by U$14 million. Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of the hunky quarterback for the thirsty hos among us:

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Avan Jogia Shirtless, Underwear, Straight Guy But Not Narrow

Avan Jogia Shirtless, Underwear, Ethnicity. So how’s our Avan these days? What’s his Hollywood journey like from the time we blogged about him in 2013? We must say that he’s done pretty well and that he’s managed to establish himself in the biz. To date, he’s starred in 42 movies and TV shows and has three upcoming projects including Orphan Black: Echoes which is a spin-off of Orphan Black, the multi-awarded BBC America show which starred the glorious Tatiana Maslany.

avan jogia hot actor

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Echoes, which will premiere sometime in 2023 on AMC, will be as good as the original. Let’s also hope that Avan will have a meaty role on the show and not one where he’ll die after the first episode.

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Jacob Artist Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Update

Jacob Artist Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Update. Look who’s walking around his kitchen wearin’ nothing but boxer briefs underwear? It’s our imaginary Glee boyfriend Jacob Artist, that’s who! Remember Glee? Unless you suddenly developed amnesia, you should of course remember Ryan Murphy’s singing show. It was a big hit in its heyday and it has managed to produce several legit Hollywood stars like Darren Criss and Lea Michele.

jacob artist underwear in apocalypse now

jacob artist underwear in apocalypse now2

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