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Anthony Bowens Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend, Titles. Apparently, after we wrote our post on Jake Atlas as the only male LGBT professional wrestler, a wrestler by the name of Antony Bowens came out of the closet. Yay! Yay! Yay!

anthony bowens world champion wrestler - with billy gunn and max caster

Oh wait, he actually came out as bi as far back as 2017 but we somehow missed it back then. More about the story from Gay Times in a January 2019 report: “After coming out as bi during a YouTube video with his boyfriend two years ago, professional wrestler Anthony Bowens has now revealed that he solely identifies as gay. In a brand new video titled ‘COMING OUT… again’, Anthony admitted that he wasn’t attracted to men until he was ‘midway through high school’, where he had a dream about one of his friends that made him think: ‘Ooh, something’s different here.'”

The report quotes Bowen as saying: “I came out as bi, which was a very real thing. I identified as bi because I really didn’t know much about the LGBTQ community. I didn’t really dive into much because I was closeted. So the closest thing that I knew that I could relate to based upon that time period of my life was bi.”

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Anyhoo, Anthony has been making history inside the squared circle of professional wrestling and the latest of his exploits came last August when he and teammates Max Caster Billy Gunn won the AEW World Trios Championship by defeating the House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews). We hope they keep the title for a very long time.

Anthony Bowens Boyfriend? He is dating Michael Pavano. Michael is a YouTuber as well as an actor. Per IMDB, he starred in two episodes of Mysteries at the Museum and will be seen in an upcoming movie called House of Karma.

anthony bowens boyfriend michael pavano

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Anthony Bowens Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Considering that he is a wrestler, our Bowens sure is fit with muscles in the right places and a body sculpted like a Greek god’s. Unfortunately, because we are afraid of Grandma Akita and her banhammer, we picked the safe for work versions. Hehe. If you want to see more of the wrestler, go check out his Insta @bowens_official.

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Anthony Bowens Awards, Awards, Awards. Aside from his Trios Championship title, Anthony’s achievements inside the squared circle include the following: AEW World Tag Team Championship (with Max Caster), Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) Junior Heavyweight Championship, and WrestlePro Gold Championship (three times).

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We thought he’d received an award from GLAAD but, apparently, he hasn’t. We went to wikipedia to check why not and discovered that while there are award categories for artists and journalists, they don’t have one for athletes like Anthony. What’s up with that, GLAAD? We’re happy that our faves like Adam Lambert and Lil Nas X are being honored and recognized but shouldn’t you honor Anthony and other brave athletes as well?

Anthony Bowens Ethnicity? From what we gathered from the internets, our hunky wrestler is mixed. Here’s a young Anthony with his parents which he shared on social media.

anthony bowens ethnic background and father

anthony bowens ethnicity - mixed race

anthony bowens parents

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