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Karl Walcott Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend. Look who’s joining teen cast of Riverdale? Oops, what teen cast are we talking about. Like other Hollywood movies or TV shows, the teen characters on Riverdale are actually being played by actors in their 20s or in their 30s — like our imaginary beau KJ Apa is 25, Cole Sprouse and Drew Ray Tanner are 30, and Charles Melton is two years north of 30.

But to answer the question on who’s joining the Riverdale cast, well, one of the newbies is Karl Walcott who will be playing a “teen renaissance man”.

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Deadline has the details on the casting: “Walcott is Clay Walker, a teen renaissance man. He is studious, artistic, well-read, and well-traveled. An Army brat, Clay comes from a loving family and is a champion for social justice. He is very open-minded in his art and his sexuality. As he does in the comic books, Clay will have an impactful friendship with fellow queer character Kevin Keller.”

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Karl Walcott Family and Ethnicity. For those of you wondering, Karl is Canadian from Quebec. He is biracial — his mom is of Croatian descent while his dad is originally from Barbados. According to wikifeed.com, Karl’s father is a civil servant while his mother is a teacher at a Methodist elementary school.

Karl Walcott Gay or Straight? He may be playing an LGBT character on Riverdale but the actor is straight and has a girlfriend in real life. Hollywoodpq.com has the details about the lucky girl and how they met: “Last year, Karl Walcott confided that his lover was studying International Business and Marketing at Concordia University. The lovebirds would have met after a hockey game at the Bell Center, thanks to mutual friends. It was during a sports match in the metropolis that the lovebirds met. ‘It was at the Bell Center after a hockey game. A friend of mine knew one of his. We introduced ourselves, and voila! I never thought I would have a chance with her,’ he revealed.”

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Karl Walcott Projects. To date, the actor has starred in 29 movies and TV shows including his upcoming gig on Riverdale. Most of his projects are in French which is understandable considering that he’s from Quebec. Oh, he also appeared in Big Brother Célébrités 2 which is the French Canadian celebrity version of the reality show, Big Brother. He kept winning POV (power of veto) which is probably why the other houseguests voted him out of the house the first time they had the chance to do so because he can be a tough competition.

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Karl Walcott Shirtless Photos. For the THOTs among us, here are some shirtless pics of the actor. If you want to see more of him go follow him on Instagram @karl_walcott.

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