Ben Pamies Model Actor: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

ben pamies how do you like your eggs guy

Ben Pamies Model Actor: Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless Modeling Photos (3 February 2015).We are updating this post to bring you more gorgeous modeling photos of Ben Pamies. First, check him out with his fellow cast members of the show, In Between Men.

Richard Blais Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, and Weight Loss

richard blais weight loss before and after

Richard Blais Shirtless, Weight Loss, Et Cetera. So how did he shed the pounds? Some surgery or something? Nah. He lost weight through diet and physical exercise which involved a lot of running. It helped too that his wife is a personal training so she must have pushed Richard’s butt off the couch when he was getting lazy.

Hot Guys Who Cook: 11 Shirtless Chefs and Cooking Hunks

shirtless hot guys who cook paolo gonzales

Hot Guys Who Cook: 11 Shirtless Chefs and Cooking Hunks. Okay, here’s Part II of our series on shirtless chefs. In Part I, we focused on the shirtless contestants of the Bravo hit show, Top Chef [see Shirtless Top Chefs of Bravo]. For this Part II, we are focusing on other cooking hunks from other television shows from around the world.

Jordan Andino Girlfriend, Parents, Shirtless Chef

jordan andino shirtless body

Says People Magazine of our hot chef: “The 29-year-old host of Cooking Channel’s Late Nite Eats dishes out playful fusion dishes at his fast-casual taqueria—like the Filipino Underground Crunchwrap, a twist on a Taco Bell classic with braised short rib, kimchi fried rice, Mexican cheese. (How he maintains his ripped body is still unclear).”

Sam Talbot Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Hot Top Chef

sam talbot hot chef jacket

Sam Talbot Shirtless Photos. Let us add the hunky, sexy, and totally shaggable Sam Talbot to our list of shirtless Top Chefs. The handsome hunk who gained fame when he placed third on the second season of Top Chef is back again for Season 14. Let us keep our fingers crossed that he’ll end up winning the whole shebang.