Daniele Montana Italian Model: Overweight to Sculpted Muscle God

daniele montana fat to hot after body building

Daniele Montana Hot Italian Model and Bodybuilder. We are on a quest to update the posts we wrote a decade ago to see how the subjects we wrote about are doing now. Daniele appears to no longer be doing the kind of movies he used to do and is not active on social media.

Jake Gyllenhaal Weight Loss Diet and Workout: Before and After Photos

jake gyllenhaal weight loss - scary thin

Jake Gyllenhaal Weight Loss. Talented actor Jake Gyllenhaal has gone scarily thin for his latest movie, Nightcrawler, which is drawing raves from critics. How did he lose weight? And, how did he eventually gain his weight back? Before anything else, let’s check out a sculpted Gyllenhaal from his Prince of Persia days:

Vinny Guadagnino Chippendales Stripper, Weight Loss, Underwear

Vinny Guadagnino keto diet weight loss

Vinny Guadagnino Chippendales Stripper, Weight Loss, Underwear Photos. Today in celebrity weight loss, we bring you Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino who, apparently, used to be an overweight dude before he discovered the keto diet which helped him shed the unwanted pounds. We think of Vinny as a hunk of a guy, what with his Chippendales gig and all, and we thought his physique is mainly because of genetics but, as it turns out, he actually did the work to be in the shape he’s in. Props to you, Vinny!!!

Richard Blais Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, and Weight Loss

richard blais weight loss before and after

Richard Blais Shirtless, Weight Loss, Et Cetera. So how did he shed the pounds? Some surgery or something? Nah. He lost weight through diet and physical exercise which involved a lot of running. It helped too that his wife is a personal training so she must have pushed Richard’s butt off the couch when he was getting lazy.

Richard Hadfield Weight Loss – Underwear Photos – Before and After

richard hadfield underwear boxer shorts

Richard Hadfield Weight Loss. Today in celebrity weight loss and in male celebrity underwear, we are bringing you Richard Hadfield looking gorgeous and totally effable in his boxer shorts underwear. Hot damn! Who wouldn’t want to do the horizontal dance with this one?