Richard Blais Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, and Weight Loss

Richard Blais Shirtless Photos. Top Chef is back for its 14th season. So we decided to bring you some Richard Blais shirtless photos just because. Hehe. These images are from the Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen competition/reality show where our Richard took runner-up honors.

richard blais shirtless in camp cutthroat kitchen alton brown2

Richard Blais with Alton Brown on Cutthroat Kitchen.


Finally, here’s one we grabbed from the Top Chef’s Instagram account which you might want to follow at @richardblais.

richard blais sexy body

Richard Blais Gay or Straight? The internet voters of mistakenly thinks he is gay but he is actually straight and married to a woman. Here’s a photo of Richard and his wife Jasmin Zepeda. The two have been married since 2007 and are blessed with two daughters.

richard blais gay or straight

Richard Blais Weight Loss – Before and After Photos. Our Richard is hunky in the above photo with his wife but, as some of you who have followed his TV career, he used to be a fatty. But he lost a lot of pounds and looks pretty cool now. Let us check out some of his before and after weight loss photos, shall we? [Want more celebrity weight loss?]

richard blais weight loss before and after

So how did he shed the pounds? Some surgery or something? Nah. He lost weight through diet and physical exercise which involved a lot of running. It helped too that his wife is a personal training so she must have pushed Richard’s butt off the couch when he was getting lazy.

richard blais before and after weight loss

In a 2013 CNN interview, Richard gives us some info on what motivated him to loss weight:

“What kick-started my weight loss was a combination of a really joyous thing and some massive depression: I lost a restaurant, and I found the love of my life — my wife.”

Blais gives Jazmin a lot of credit for his transformation. A competition junkie and a former personal trainer, she was (and still is) supportive and understanding; she kept him motivated on his weight-loss journey. They started running together, and today, the once-hefty chef has completed several half and full marathons.

“I had to get this pretty girl. I was this chubby guy, and I literally had to run after this girl,” Blais says. “She’d run two miles, I’d be sucking wind behind her, but I eventually caught (up to) her and proposed to her at the end of my first race — a 10K, the Peachtree Road Race. And we’re still together.”

May his story encourage the fatties among us — especially your three Famewatchers (yours truly, Kevin, and Deena) — to loss weight. Hehe.

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