Andrew Zimmern Watches and Sunglasses: Tag Heuer Formula 1 for Celebrity Chef

Andrew Zimmern Watch: Tag Heuer Formula 1. Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern loves him his fruit salad. Hey wait, is that actually a fruit salad. Looks like there’s a shrimp in there so it must be a mixed vegetable salad.

In fact, it kinda looks the Thai food we had in Bangkok.

Now, aside from loving his fruit salad — or vegetable salad — our hot baldie also loves him his Tag Heuer Men’s Formula One watch.

andrew zimmern watch tag heuer formula 1

Now, let us take a closer look at Andrew’s Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch after the jump.

andrew zimmern watch tag heuer

Pretty cool watch, huh? For other famous men who wear Tag Heuer watches, Matt Damon’s Bourne Identity chronograph, Uma Thurman’s Tag Heuer watch, and Lewis Hamilton’s Carrera.

Andrew Zimmern Watch Part II: TOYWATCH Plasteramic. Another watch spotted on Andrew Zimmern is this Plasteramic watch made by Toywatch USA.

You would think only nine year old school kids would wear a watch that’s made of combined plastic and ceramic but it’s actually kinda popular among some famous people and celebrities.

andrew zimmern watch toywatch plasteramic

Did you know for instance that the fabulous and fashionable First Lady of the United States herself, Michelle Obama wears a Plasteramic Toywatch?

So do famous celebs such as Lilly Allen, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, and Lindsay Lohan.

Heidi Montag wears it too but she’s famous for nothing so let’s not include her in the list. Hehe.

Andrew Zimmern Fashion Watch: Badass Sunglasses. Some of you are looking for Andrew Zimmern sunglasses so we thought its about time we update this post to give you this funny photo of our Bizzare Foods host looking fab in his glasses.

andrew zimmern sunglasses

That’s a pretty badass sunglasses isn’t it? We are still trying to determine what brand it is but if you know do tell us in the comments.

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