Manny Jacinto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dianne Doan, Parents, Ethnicity

Manny Jacinto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Dianne Doan, Parents, Ethnicity. Damn, our imaginary Asian boyfriend has got himself engaged! We are referring of course to Manny Jacinto who some of you know as the bomb-throwin’, Blake Bortles lovin’, and fake drugs sellin’ Jason Mendoza in The Good Place.

manny jacinto hot in shirt

People Magazine has some details about our Filipino-Canadian hunk’s engagement: “On Saturday, The Good Place star announced that he had popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, fellow actor Dianne Doan. While appearing on a panel for Vulture Festival 2019, Jacinto, who plays Jason Mendoza on the popular NBC comedy, revealed that it was his character on the show that inspired him to take the big step.”

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Dan Payne Shirtless, Young, Wedding

Dan Payne Shirtless, Young, Wedding. So, your four Famewatchers were watching Virgin River on Netflix and, when the new character Nate Brenner appeared, Kevin went like, “Hey, that’s the daddy in Mulligans!” For her part, our niece Sheila who is home for the summer break went like, “Mulligans? You mean the guy from The Good Witch?”

dan payne virgin river

Both of them are, of course, right. Indeed, our 49-year-old Canadian daddy that is Dan Payne starred in both the LGBT movie Mulligans which Kevin watched back in 2008 as well as in The Good Witch which Sheila binged two years ago on Netflix. If we are not mistaken, Mulligans is also on Netflix.

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Kai Bradbury Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background

Kai Bradbury Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background. Today in hot mixed race hunk, we bring you Canadian actor — of Japanese and Scottish background — who is currently starring in the Netflix series Virgin River.

kai bradbury denny in virgin river
Remember Virgin River? We first blogged about it in our post on Martin Henderson. We are happy to note that it’s been a hit for Netflix; in fact, it is one of the rare shows on the streaming service which has gone beyond the third season. The fourth season just dropped ten days ago and it’s been renewed for a fifth season too. You should go check it out especially if you are a fan of small town drama and romance.

But let’s talk about our mixed-race hunk shall we? Is he gay or straight? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend? Does he have shirtless pics? And, most importantly, does he wear boxers or briefs? You know, the usual Famewatcher questions we ask about the people we blog about. First, here are shirtless and near-shirtless photos of the actor which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @kaibury).

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Brent Ray Fraser Painter, Artist, Model: Gay or Straight?

Brent Ray Fraser Painter Model. Let’s add Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser to our list of men wearing women’s clothes. What do you think of his dress? We think it suits him nicely. We hope he has another photo wearing the dress above where he ain’t showing off his muscles. Will we ever see him wearing these male lingerie? One can only hope. Hehe.

brent ray fraser wearing womans dress

For those of you not paying attention to the news, Brent has made the headlines lately for his artworks painting using his “manhood”. We are not joking. Our Brent has found a way to distinguish himself from thousands of artists out there who toiled and toiled and toiled without catching the anyone’s attention.

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Todd Grinnell Shirtless, Young, Wife, Wedding

Todd Grinnell Shirtless, Young, Wife, Wedding. Today in Hot Canadian Men, we bring you Todd Grinnell and his lumberjack hunkiness. Oh wait, Todd is not actually Canadian, he just plays one on the TV sitcom One Day at a Time. We were actually surprised to discover that the actor who plays Schneider aka The Rich Canadian Landlord With No Sense of Private Space or Boundaries was actually born in Massachusetts. Anyhoo, here are shirtless photos of His Hirsuteness from the show:

Todd Grinnell shirtless in one day at a time3

Todd Grinnell shirtless in paradise cove

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Mena Massoud Shirtless, Girlfriend, Body Workout

Mena Massoud Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. Since we first blogged about him in 2017 for bagging the coveted role of Aladdin, our Canadian actor has gone on to star in more movies and TV shows. To date, he’s got a total of 28 acting credits to his name per IMDB. His latest acting gig is the Netflix movie, The Royal Treatment, where he played a prince. And he’ll be playing another princely role when he stars in the upcoming Aladdin II. Yup, they are making a sequel.

Anyhoo, we are updating this post not only to note that the actor has made it on Hollywood but also to bring you these shirtless pics of the guy for the thirsty hos among us. Haha. We grabbed these images from his Insta which you might want to follow @menamassoud.

Mena Massoud hot

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