Tyler Hynes Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Girlfriend

Tyler Hynes shirtless abs

Tyler Hynes Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Girlfriend. Guess who’s back as a Christmas hunk? It’s Tyler Hynes of Letterkenny! He’s been a leading man in many Christmas movies and this year is no different. Specifically, he is starring opposite Bethany Joy Lenz in An Unexpected Christmas which started airing last Friday on the Hallmark Channel. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Steve Lund Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

steve lund body hair is hot

Steve Lund Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Look who’s starring in another Hallmark Christmas movie? It’s our imaginary Canadian beau Steve Lund, that’s who! In fact, he is starring in not one but to Christmas movies this year. First is A Mrs. Miracle Christmas and the other is the movie Baby, It’s Cold Outside where he plays the role of Ben, the designer of The Ice Hotel, which features in the film.

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding

alexander ludwig shirtless in jeans

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding. Wow! Did you know our imaginary Canadian beau tied the knot early this year? Alexander shared the news on Instagram (follow him @alexanderludwig) when he posted these photos announcing his wedding last January. Apparently, they eloped to go get married too. The actor tells us why: “We decided to elope. It has been such a crazy year but it certainly put things into perspective. Life is too short And i didnt want to spend another day without calling this beautiful woman my wife. Of course when things settle down we will have a proper celebration with our friends and family but for now- the love of my life, our dog yam, a yurt on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere sounded like the perfect beginning.”

French Canadian Male Models List: Who’s The Hottest

french canadian male models - Francis Cadieux leather jacket

Hot French Canadian Male Models, Part II. As promised, we’re bringing you more French Canadian male models. But before anything else, let’s check out this photo of Francis Cadieux rocking his leather jacket shall we? Damn, if he ain’t the embodiment of the gorgeousness we don’t know who is. Haha. Anyhoo, for this update, let’s check out Kio Cyr who’s been making waves in the social media sphere particularly in TikTok. Though born and raised in Vancouver, Kio traces his roots in Quebec (via his French Canadian dad) and Thailand (via his mom).

Denis Shapovalov Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors

Denis Shapovalov shirtless

Denis Shapovalov Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors. For the longest time, we thought Denis Shapovalov’s name is spelled with two Ns but, apparently, he only goes by one. When we found this out, we went down the internet rabbit hole trying to find out how Denis with one N is pronounced but, from what we understand, there’s really no difference in its pronunciation although one source claims that the French pronounce Denis with no S. Anyhoo, enough about our cluelessness. Let us, instead, appreciate the shirtlessness of this young Canadian athlete who’s proven himself to be a contender in the world of tennis: