Brendan Fraser Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Young Brendan Fraser Shirtless Photos and Awards. Thankfully, after years of absence, Brendan Fraser is back in Hollywood! He’s getting Oscar buzz too, thanks to his portrayal as a reclusive English teacher in the Darren Aronofsky movie The Whale. He’s already won a Tribute Award for the role from the Toronto International Film Festival and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that other trophies — most especially an Oscar — will come his way during the upcoming awards-giving season.

brendan fraser awards

Before his Hollywood hiatus, Brendan has brought home acting trophies from the Seattle International Film Festival, the Screen Actors Guild, Broadcast Film Critics Association among others. Anyhoo, here are hawt, hawt, hawt photos of the actor back when he was younger and the It Boy of the entertainment world.

brendan fraser body when younger

brendan fraser shirtless

brendan fraser shirtless - george of the jungle

brendan fraser young

Brendan Fraser Shirtless and Underwear Photos (7 May 2017). Today in our continuing quest to give you the best celebrity underwear of your favorite Hollywood hotties, we are bringing you these photos of Canadian Hollywood A-Lister Brendan Fraser.

We figured that, you will like these after you drooled over his washboard abs and worried about our Brendan’s hair loss in Hair Transplant for Young Men.

First, check out our Brendan dancing in his boxer shorts underwear. These images are screencapped from his 2003 movie, Looney Tunes: Back in action.

brendan fraser underwear boxer shorts looney tunes

And here’s our Brendan in a pair of tighty whitie underwear.

brendan fraser underwear briefs younger and younger

The tighty whitie above images are from the 1993 movie Younger and Younger where he plays the son of Donald Sutherland.

And here’s our last but not the least Brendan underwear pic:

brendran fraser shirtless in loincloth

Okay, technically, this is not really an underwear but a loincloth but they’re better than underwear pics, don’t you think? We must also state as a disclaimer that we aren’t quite sure whether the above image is real or whether they’re fake photoshops. We know how talented photoshoppers are these days. If the Brendan in loincloth image is photoshooped, then we gotta give props to whoever made them.

Want more hot Canadian hunks? Or maybe you’re more interested in Brendan Fraser’s washboard abs in George of the Jungle?

Celebrity Abs: Brendan Fraser Shirtless Photo (12 June 2009). Hey look it’s Brendan Fraser. This is from when he was doing George of the Jungle right? We think so. So its kinda like a vintage but not really vintage photograph. Hehe. Time really moves fast in the internet age, no?

brendan fraser shirtless - george of the jungle

Now, check out our favorite Brendan Fraser shirtless photo below. He has what our friend Luka calls the “most winsome smile in Hollywood”. We agree with Luka, of course!

brendan fraser shirtless washboard abs

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