Yvan Cournoyer: Canadian Model and Bodybuilder

Yvan Cournoyer: Canadian Model and Bodybuilder. We are on our “bring back the past” updating spree so here are more modeling photos of our earliest Canadian internet crush, Yvan Cournoyer. Did you know that he continues to rock it in the modeling world? Yup! Our guy may be a decade older when we posted this but he did a modeling gig for Aramis Cologne for men. He sure is aging like fine wine.

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More modeling photos of our Quebecois hunk because why not.

hot canadian men yvan cournoyer

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Yvan Cournoyer Canadian Male Model (25 July 2009). Want more Hot Canadian Men? Here’s Yvan Cournoyer, a farmer turned body-builder turned model from Sherbrooke, Quebec. Ain’t he hot? He sure is but is he Ryan Reynolds hot?

canadian muscle men yvan cournoyer

More on Yvan from his wikipedia page:

Yvan Benoit Cournoyer was born in the province of Quebec in Canada. Named after legendary hockey star Yvan Cournoyer, his parents raised him and his three brothers on a pig farm in a rural part of the province. Passionate about sports, while not tending to the farm, Yvan spent as much time developing his physique and learning about fitness as he could.

In 1999, Yvan was named athlete of the year in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The same year, he won the bronze medal in the Quebec bodybuilding championships and the gold medal in the Gladiator Fighting Competition.

yvan cournoyer model and fitness trainer

In 2000, Yvan was recognized as Outstanding Model of the Year by the Institute of Top Models. This quickly brought him to the attention of world-renowned photographer Brent McTavish.

Wanting something more for his career, Yvan packed up everything he owned and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Up to this time, Yvan had only spoken French and was quickly submersed into a world of English speaking people. Determined to succeed, Yvan quickly picked up English and also became one of Canada’s most sought after personal trainers. His client list includes Hollywood celebrities, fitness models and even Miss World 2003, Nazanin Afshin-Jam.

In 2002, Yvan was the subject of a major photo feature in Playgirl magazine and this feature raised his stature to the level of international superstar. He signed to the production company Mega Muscle and has created three workout DVDs and a series of calendars and other products. He is also known as the face (and body) of Ginch Gonch underwear.

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