Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label?

Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label? Top male underwear such as brands like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Jockey, and Hanes have conquered different parts of the world like the Philippines. Fortunately, they have not stamped out the existence of local underwear brands so Pinoys have a more diverse choice when it comes to their underpants. We have made a list of of ten Filipino underwear brands for you to pick from.

We begin with Bench Underwear modeled below by Pinoy male model (with Japanese and Persian roots) Sam Adjani. Bench is the most popular Philippine underwear brand. Underwear is probably Bench’s most popular product but it is not just an underwear brand. Bench is also known for its trendy shirts, jeans, jackets, and everything you need to clothe yourself. It has conquered the Philippines and it is aiming to conquer the world. To date, it has stores in China, the Middle East, the United States, and Singapore.

filipino underwear brands

YC Bikini Briefs is an iconic Filipino underwear brand which calls itself the underwear “for the man who packs a wallop”. If flattering a guy about the size of his manhood does not make him buy an underwear, we don’t know what will. Haha.

filipino mens underwear brand - for the man who packs a wallop2

Actor Ahron Villena is looking good in his Walker Boxer Briefs Underwear.

filipino underwear brands - Ahron Villena for Walker

Hanford Ice, seen on footballer Phil Younghusband is one of the underwear lines of Hanford.

hanford ice underwear model - phil younghusband

Guitar 60. Apparently this brand goes back to as far as the 1960s. Who looks better in his white G60 briefs, Joem Basco (left) or Carlos Agassi (right)?

Sunjoy Underwear. Actor/model Ian Batherson in tighty whitie Sunjoy briefs.

philippine male underwear brand - sunjoy - ian batherson

Folded and Hung, modeled by Japanese model Hideo Muraoka, is a fairly new brand which was able to establish itself in the fashion world in a relatively short time. They must be doing something right to be this successful.

philippine mens underwear brands - folded and hung - hideo muraoka

Penshoppe, like Bench, does not only make underwear but has a complete clothing collections for both men and women.

philippine underwear brands - penshoppe undercover2

That’s it for now, fellow UnderwearWatchers. Which of these brands is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. [Additional comment: Kevin is wondering about who among the models above really pack a wallop. Can you tell? YC Bikini Briefs should hire him/them to be their model/spokesperson.]

Oops, sorry, we thought we had nine Philippine underwear brands but we only have eight. If you know any Pinoy local brands that should be included in the list, do tell in the comments.

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