Pakistani Male Models: Hot, Handsome, and Gorgeous

Pakistani Male Models. Here’s another hunk to add to our growing list of Pakistani male models. Model watchers, meet Adnan Malik. How would you rate him compared to Abdullah Ejaz and Ahmed Butt? And is Adnan the long lost twin (or brother) of Zachary Quinto? Seriously, they look similar don’t they?

pakistani male models

How hot is Adnan? He’s got that boyish charm but he’s also ruggedly handsome. If that ain’t a potent combination, we don’t know what is.

pakistani male models - adnan malik photo

Ahmed B*tt: Handsome and Gorgeous Pakistani Male Model
23 July 2009

Don’t you just like a man who drinks milk in bed? That’s hunky Pakistani model Ahmed for you, he sure likes to drink milk before he sleeps. For the clueless Famewatchers among us, Ahmed is from Lahore, Pakistan who did some modeling work in Germany, France, and Italy. Aside from his successful modeling work, Ahmed also crossed over to the world of cinema starring in both movies and television. He is married to pop star Humaira Arshad.

Which of these pictures is your favorite of Ahmed?

A shirtless Ahmed posing as a hunky shirtless blue-collar worker who looks like he’s going to do some mining work?

Or the cute sarong-wrapped island boy with a flower in his hair?

We think we’re going for the blue-collar hunk. What about you?

Javed Iqbal, Pakistan: Manhunt International (20 April 2009). Pakistan will be represented by Javed Iqbal in the male beauty pageant competition, Manhunt International. He looks cute and sexy, doesn’t he? What, in your opinion, is his chances of bringing home the Manhunt trophy? If we are not mistaken, the contest will be held in Singapore.

pakistan male model javed iqbal

Mens Long Coats: Nomi Qamar, Pakistani Celebrity (8 April 2009). Are you bored by the very limited choices for men’s long coats available in your store? Then check out these more stylish coats worn by the handsome Pakistani celebrity male model Nomi Qamar.


pakistani male models hot - nomi qamar

hot pakistani hunk - nomi qamar

Nomi is quite a looker, isn’t he? And his long coats are more interesting to look at compared to the kinda boring traditional Western coats we’ve been blogging about lately.

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