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Karam Gaber: Shirtless Egyptian Wrestler is an Olympic Hunk

Karam Gaber Shirtless: Egyptian Wrestler is an Olympic Hunk. Time for another Arab hunk and this time let’s check out Eqyptian wrestler, Karam Gaber. Who is Karam and why are we blogging about him? Well, we are blogging about him because he is probably the most successful Egyptian Olympic athlete having won two Olympic medals – a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and a silver medal in the London 2012 Games.

karam gaber hot egypt wrestler

Other Egyptian athletes have also won two Olympic medals — notably diver Farid Simaika who bagged silver and bronze medals at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics and weightlifter Ibrahim Shams who has a gold medal from the 1948 London Olympics and a bronze medal from the 1936 Berlin Olympics — but only Karam has a gold and silver combo.

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Bachar Houli in Sexy Football Shorts

Famewatchers, meet Australian rules football player Bachal Houli. This Lebanese-Australian hunk has been called by some as the Muslim ambassador to the world of football or, alternatively, the football ambassador to the Muslim world. Now, those are good titles but let’s give him another one, what about we call him the hottest footballer in short shorts?

bachar houli hot

What do you think? He sure deserves the title. He’s probably the cutest men in shorts we’ve seen in a long, long while

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