Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend

Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend. Oh happy day!!! Today is a happy day because we found out that an actor we are fans of is appearing on a show we love. We are referring, of course, to Scottish actor Graham McTavish who, apparently, was cast as Dijkstra in the upcoming second season of The Witcher. We’ve not been keeping tabs on the show’s casting updates so it was a happy surprise when we found out.

Graham McTavish hot men in kilt

We always loved, loved, loved Graham on Outlander and we are pretty sure we’re gonna love him on The Witcher which is coming out on Netflix fives days from now on 20 December. Yay! Oh, he is also in another high profile project, HBO’s House of the Dragon, which is currently filming.

Anyhoo, did you know that Graham and Outlander co-star Sam Heughan have collaborated on several projects these past few years? They wrote a book about Scotland together and they appeared in the TV travel documentary Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham which aired on Starz.

Graham McTavish author with sam heughan

We still have to watch the travelogue mainly because we do not have Starz but the show was well-received (100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and it has been renewed for a second season. Yay! Good for the boys! Fan fic writers, go at it!

men in kilts starz graham and sam2

men in kilts sam heughan and graham mctavish

men in kilts starz graham and sam

Graham McTavish men in kilt with sam - travelogue2

Graham McTavish Young. Here’s a younger Graham from back in 2008 when he was shooting the movie Rambo. Is it us or does he kinda look like competitive diver turned action star Jason Statham? It’s like they’re long lost cousins or something.

Graham McTavish young around 2008 rambo

And here’s an even younger photo of Graham which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @grahammctavish). According to the actor, this photo is one of his very first headshots ever.

Graham McTavish young

Graham McTavish Gay or Straight? He is straight and is married to wife Gwen who is also in the biz as a film maker. According to wikipedia, the couple — who have two daughters together — are living in New Zealand where Gwen comes from. Here’s Graham and Gwen attending the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Graham McTavish wife gwen

Graham McTavish Shirtless Photos. For the thirsty hos among us who are looking for shirtless pics of our zaddy Graham! Damn! He is much fitter than our couch potato hubby who we love nonetheless. Haha.

Graham McTavish shirtless in sweatpants

Graham McTavish shirtless

Graham McTavish Style Watch. Whether he’s wearing a fancy suit on the red carpet on a plain tee, our Graham sure is rocking it!

Graham McTavish young2

Graham McTavish hot in suit

Graham McTavish outlander

Graham McTavish hot in suit - outlander 5 premiere 2020

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