Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade Calendar Photos

Thom and Max Evans Dieux Du Stade, Shirtless, Underwear Models. So how’s our favorite rugby-playing brothers doing more than a decade after we blogged about their Dieux du Stade photos? Well, they’ve now both retired from rugby. As we noted in an earlier update below, Thom hang his boots back in 2010 following a neck injury sustained while playing for Scotland at the Six Nations Cup. For his part, Max retired in 2015 but still misses the game according to the Glasgow Times.

max and thom evans retirement of brothers

max and thom evans rugby hunks

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Calvin Harris Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend

Calvin Harris Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend. More than six years later, we are updating this post originally written by our Grandma Akita mainly to note that our Scottish DJ is engaged and to acknowledge that he was an underwear model. Actually, he did his modeling back in 2014 but, for some reason, Granny failed to note it in her original post. Anyhoo, here are photos of Calvin in his Emporio Armani underoos.

calvin harris underwear emporio armani

calvin harris underwear

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Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend

Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend. Oh happy day!!! Today is a happy day because we found out that an actor we are fans of is appearing on a show we love. We are referring, of course, to Scottish actor Graham McTavish who, apparently, was cast as Dijkstra in the upcoming second season of The Witcher. We’ve not been keeping tabs on the show’s casting updates so it was a happy surprise when we found out.

Graham McTavish hot men in kilt

We always loved, loved, loved Graham on Outlander and we are pretty sure we’re gonna love him on The Witcher which is coming out on Netflix fives days from now on 20 December. Yay! Oh, he is also in another high profile project, HBO’s House of the Dragon, which is currently filming.

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Ewan McGregor Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Emmy Award

Ewan McGregor Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Emmy Award. Look who’s got himself an Emmy award? It’s our imaginary Scottish beau of course! It’s actually his second major acting trophy if we include the Golden Globe he won for Fargo in 2018. Here’s Ewan and his Emmy:

Ewan McGregor emmy award trophy

Earlier that evening, here’s Ewan and partner Mary Elizabeth Winstead gracing the red carpet.

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Richard Madden Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Richard Madden Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. All this time we thought we’ve already written a blog post about our imaginary Scottish boyfriend Richard Madden but it turns out that we haven’t posted about him at all. Well, we did include him in our list of celebrities wearing kilts but we haven’t written about whether he likes boxers or briefs, or what his relationship status is like, or whether he likes walks on the beach or hiking mountains, or whether he is a dog person or a cat person. You know, all the silly stuff that we yack about here on Famewatcher.

First, his relationship status. Is he seeing anyone at the moment? The answer is we do not know. But there was a lot of internet chatter a few years back that he is dating actor Brandon Flynn after the Daily Mail posted these photos of the two walking together sometimes with a dog and all. Apparently, according to the gossip rag, Richard and Brandon are living together in London.

richard madden boyfriend brandon flynn

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Sam Heughan Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear

Sam Heughan Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear (first posted 24 May 2016). Is the kilt-wearing Outlander lead star Sam Heughan a member of the LGBT community? Or is he as straight as an arrow? Well, let’s take a look at what our friends at are saying about the matter.

Here’s their rating for the curly-haired Scottish actor: “According to 545 visitors Sam Heughan is 36% gay. However, the average rating is 69%, which means Sam Heughan is very straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

So there! He is very straight according to the above site’s voters. But how can you explain these shirtless images of him going kissy-a-kissy with an equally shirtless dude? Ain’t this a pretty good proof that he is a friend of Dorothy? Nah, not really! It’s just a proof that he acted in a stage play called Plague Over England where this image was taken. For those of you wondering, his kissing buddy is actor Leon Ockenden. [Update: Sorry, our censorious Grandma Akita is at it again and we had to delete the image where our guys are smooching. But here’s a photo Sam and Leon chilling together on a roof toop or a balcony.]

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