Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend

Graham McTavish hot men in kilt

Graham McTavish Shirtless, Young, Kilt, Girlfriend. Oh happy day!!! Today is a happy day because we found out that an actor we are fans of is appearing on a show we love. We are referring, of course, to Scottish actor Graham McTavish who, apparently, was cast as Dijkstra in the upcoming second season of The Witcher. We’ve not been keeping tabs on the show’s casting updates so it was a happy surprise when we found out.

Steve Harvey Young, Hair, and Shirtless Photos

steve harvey shirtless body

Steve Harvey Young, Hair, and Shirtless Photos. As Famewatchers who were initially not attuned to the goings-on on regular American television, we first learned about Steve Harvey when he made headlines a few years back for announcing the wrong girl as the winner of Miss Universe. Now, after watching tons of videos of him hosting Family Feud on YouTube, we must say that we’ve become big fans of the guy. He is naturally funny and charismatic. We love the way he roasts erring contestants. It’s all in good fun and there’s no meanness in it.

Keegan-Michael Key Young, Hair, Shirtless, Style Watch

keegan-michael key emmy award trophies

Keegan-Michael Key Young, Hair, Shirtless, Style Watch. Ever wondered about how Keegan-Michael Key looks like when he was younger? Well, the man does not seem to age so he looked like what he looks like now. Except that he’s got hair then. Check out his high school yearbook photo as well as his composite when he was a fraternity bro (for the record, he’s a Phi Kappa Theta when he was in college at the University of Detroit Mercy).

Bald Male Models: Runway, Adverts, Editorials

bald male models fredrik ljungberg calvin klein underwear

Bald Male Models: Runway, Adverts, Editorials. This post on models who are friends of Yul Brynner has proven to be pretty popular so we decided to do an update to give you more that you thirsty Famewatchers are interested in. However, this post also kind of caught the eye of our censorious Grandma Akita so we decided to crop the naughty bits. Hehe. Let’s begin with the guy who wowed the world a few years back when the internet discovered his mugshot and dubbed him the “hot felon”. We are referring of course to Jeremy Meeks who, after spending some time in prison, became a successful male model. Check him out on the runway walking for Phillip Plein.

Fredrik Ljungberg Calvin Klein Underwear Model

Freddie Ljungberg calvin klein boxer briefs underwear

Fredrik Ljungberg Calvin Klein Underwear Model. Over a decade later, we are updating this post to note that a) our gorgeous footballer slash model has gotten himself hitched in 2014 and that b) he’s retired from playing football but has made a comeback as a coach. Okay, here’s Fredrik and his wife Natalie Foster when they got married six years ago. According to wikipedia, the couple are blessed with two children.