Jordan Banjo Naomi Ella Girlfriend: Shirtless and Washboard Abs

Jordan Banjo Girlfriend, Washboard Abs, and Other Stuff. Today in celebrity washboard abs, we bring you Britain’s Got Talent winner Jordan Banjo and his sculpted six-pack abs. Ain’t that a beaut? Our imaginary boyfriend must have been doing them crunches, leg lifts, sit-ups, and whatever it is that people do to sculpt their midsection.

jordan banjo abs six pack

Jordan, his brother Ashley (center), and fellow dancer Perri Kiely (right) sport the sickest and most fabulous ripped six-pack abs we’ve seen for some time.

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Danny Mac Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend, and Strictly Dancer

Danny Mac Shirtless Photos. Who wants some Danny Mac shirtless photos? Come on now, what kind of question is that? We all want some! Or at least we do here at Famewatcher. Haha. But do consider your wish fulfilled if you are looking for the British actor’s shirtless and underwear photos.

Check out this one, for instance. Ain’t he gorgeous? We love, love, love his beautiful and kinda mysterious smile. Of course, we are also loving his sculpted abs. [Want more celebrity washboard abs? Then check out the world’s best washboard abs.]


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Hot Guys Abs: Ten of the World’s Best Washboard Abs

The World’s Best Hot Guys Abs. Have you ever seen a six pack on a man and say, “Mmmm, I’d like to caress ’em, and lick ’em, and do the dirty with ’em?” No, you haven’t? Us neither! But our friend Deena has a thing for six pack washboard abs so we’re not surprised when she told us that said thoughts cross her mind sometimes. So, to get her all stirred up (but at the same time productive), we asked her to do a list of the world’s best hot guys abs. This is her list.

Brandon Miller. The handsome model is posing in a way that de-emphasizes his six-pack abs but you still notice he fabulousness of them washboard abs.

Jake Miller. Jake, no relation to Brandon above despite their obvious beauty genes, is a rapper who’s currently signed with Warner Bros. If the rapping does not work out, he can re-invent himself as underwear model with one of the best hot guys abs.

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Michael John Magician Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos: America’s Got Talent

Michael John Magician Shirtless Photos. What do you think of this guy’s washboard abs? Pretty impressive, huh? The above guy, for those of you wondering, is magician Michael John who wowed the judges and the audience during his audition on America’s Got Talent.

michael john agt modeling shirtless

Watch his amazing performance. Update: Sorry, video deleted at source.

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Jacob Latimore Shirtless: Girlfriend, Single, or Dating?

Eighteen year old Jacob Latimore started his showbiz career as an R&B/pop singer but he is also slowly establishing himself as an actor. To date, he has seven acting credits to his name. If you are going to watch The Maze Runner, you will be seeing him playing the role of a med-jack (equivalent to a doctor). Here’s Jacob as the medjack Jeff:


Apparently, Jacob’s role in the movie is meatier than in the book version which is good because it means we will be seeing more of Jacob on the big screen, right?

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Frank Grillo Shirtless Photos

Frank Grillo Shirtless Photos. Aside from Zach Gilford, another hunk starring in the upcoming horror movie The Purge: Anarchy is the forever young Frank Grillo.

frank grillo briefs underwear photo

Can you believe that this guy is 51 years old? When we first saw him in Captain America: Winter Soldier, we thought he’s only in his 30s. Turns out he is much older than that so we went searching for photos of him taken when he was younger and it looks like he’s not aged that much. He’s either drinking from the Fountain of Youth or he’s blessed with some good genes that keep him young.

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