Jacob Latimore Shirtless: Girlfriend, Single, or Dating?

Eighteen year old Jacob Latimore started his showbiz career as an R&B/pop singer but he is also slowly establishing himself as an actor. To date, he has seven acting credits to his name. If you are going to watch The Maze Runner, you will be seeing him playing the role of a med-jack (equivalent to a doctor). Here’s Jacob as the medjack Jeff:


Apparently, Jacob’s role in the movie is meatier than in the book version which is good because it means we will be seeing more of Jacob on the big screen, right?

Jacob Latimore Shirtless Photos. Here are some shirtless Jacob Latimore photos we captured from his ALS Ice Bucket challenge:

He’s getting pumped preparing for the challenge.

jacob latimore smoking

Are you ready, Mr. Latimore?

jacob latimore underwear waistband

Brrrr! It’s so cold!

jacob latimore ice bucket challenge

Check out the washboard abs on this kids! He must be disciplined. It takes months and months of hard work and dedication to achieve an eight-pack like that.

jacob latimore - washboard abs

If our boyfriend has awesome washboard abs, we’d ask him too to remove his shirt wherever he goes.

jacob latimore no shirt

Jacob Latimore Relationship Status. Is he single or is he dating a girlfriend. In an interview with Hello Beautiful in December 2013, he revealed that he’s not dating anyone:

HB: Speaking of relationships, are you dating anybody? We know you’re a teenager but what’s going with your relationship life?

JL: I don’t have a girlfriend or anything like that. I have friends you know? And that’s it. Period

HB: What type of girl does Jacob Latimore like?

JL: I love a girl who is herself, has a great smile, great personality, and is down to earth and someone who wants me for me. A lot of times its hard to date a girl because they’re a fan of you, not saying I can’t date fans, but sometimes they might have an ulterior motive which is being in the spotlight or not really wanting to date me but date my environment or how I carry myself or my career.

We learn more about what he’s looking for in a girl in this interview with Singers Room:

Singersroom: Another big thing is the whole dating thing… Now you’re a teen heartthrob so I’m sure you have no problems with the girls. Are you currently dating right now?

Jacob Latimore: Nah, I’m not dating right now. I love girls! [Laughs]

Singersroom: [Laughs] What do you look for in a girlfriend?

Jacob Latimore: What I look for in a girlfriend is just a girl that is down to earth, likes to have fun, and just be herself, really.

Singersroom: A lot of young girls struggle with the idea of having to have a certain body image to look attractive. As someone of their age, and possibly someone they crush on, what do you have to say about that issue?

Jacob Latimore: I would say, you shouldn’t seek approval about your beauty. You should know that you’re beautiful, and that God made you the way that you are for a reason. I think it starts with yourself, really. Knowing that you’re pretty basically.

What say you, girl Famewatchers? You’ve got a good chance of dating our up-and-coming Hollywood star if you somehow fit the description of his ideal girl.