Hot Guys Abs: Ten of the World’s Best Washboard Abs

The World’s Best Hot Guys Abs. Have you ever seen a six pack on a man and say, “Mmmm, I’d like to caress ’em, and lick ’em, and do the dirty with ’em?” No, you haven’t? Us neither! But our friend Deena has a thing for six pack washboard abs so we’re not surprised when she told us that said thoughts cross her mind sometimes. So, to get her all stirred up (but at the same time productive), we asked her to do a list of the world’s best hot guys abs. This is her list.

Brandon Miller. The handsome model is posing in a way that de-emphasizes his six-pack abs but you still notice he fabulousness of them washboard abs.

Jake Miller. Jake, no relation to Brandon above despite their obvious beauty genes, is a rapper who’s currently signed with Warner Bros. If the rapping does not work out, he can re-invent himself as underwear model with one of the best hot guys abs.

Lucas Gil. This is our favorite of Deena’s picks. Damn. Damn. Damn. This makes us see why Deena has a thing for sculpted abs.

hot guys abs - lucas gil

Sean Lamont. Hmmm. Sean is a A+ specimen of manliness but we don’t think he’s got the best abs. But we know that Deena’s in love with him so we won’t question her judgment.

hot guys abs - sean lamont

Tony Goldwyn as a young dude. Hello, there Mr. Tony! Welcome to the Hot Guys Abs club. We didn’t know you were rocking your abs when you were younger.

tony goldwyn young - washboard abs2

Blake Griffin modeling for Hyperice. We’re too lazy to find out what Hyperice does but our six-pack hunk is apparently one of its athlete spokesmodels.

blake griffin for hyperice - six pack washboard abs

Adrien Brody. Of course, geeky guys like Adrien Brody can boast of sculpted washboards too.

adrien brody washboard abs

Duncan James and band mate Lee Ryan. Looks like Lee should join Duncan’s gym workouts, no?

Jake Owen shows us how to do a hot guys abs workout. Looks hard but like in other exercise routines, it gets easier the more often you do it.


Aaron Eckhart in I Frankenstein. Of course 40-something guys like Aaron can sport the hottest abs like any young man can.

45 year old man with sixpack washboard abs - aaron eckhart in i frankenstein

So what do you think of Deena’s picks? Is there anyone in the group who does not belong? Who would you replace him with?