George Clooney Leather Jacket in Leatherheads is a Belstaff

george clooney belstaff leather jacket

George Clooney Leather Jacket in Leatherheads: Belstaff Leather. We’ve seen George Clooney’s tuxedo suit. We’ve also seen him in his camouflage uniform. Now, here’s our George looking fabulous in his black leather jacket and slightly faded blue jeans. We love love love, how he’s-buddy buddy with …. okay, we forgot the name of that guy he’s with but he’s also a famous Academy award winning actor.

David Hasselhoff Leather Jackets: Knight Rider and The Roast

david hassselhoff leather jacket on knight rider

David Hasselhoff Leather Jackets: Knight Rider and The Roast. We here at Famewatcher have a soft spot for David Hasselhoff aka The Hoff. Why, you ask? We like him because he was the main television Speedo hunk back at the 90s when not a lot of men are showing some skin on TV.

Gotham Leather Jackets: James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Catwoman

Harvey Bullock leather jacket on gotham

Gotham Leather Jackets: Who among your favorite comic heroes will look good rocking their leather jackets in Gotham, the upcoming TV series expected to premier on Fox towards the end of the year. It looks like Detective Harvey Bullock (to be played by Irish Canadian actor Donal Logue) will be the first to wear a leather jacket.

Leather Jackets for Men in their Forties

leather jacket for men in their 40s - jared leto

Leather Jackets for Men in their Forties. What style or brand of leather jacket is apt for a guy in his 40s? Well, we rounded up some in-their-40s male celebrities who are often noted for their sense of style to see what they are wearing. We begin with teen heartthrob-turned-rocker hunk Jared Leto. Those of you who’d like to go for a rocker look might want to check out the Burberry Prorsum Studded Leather Jacket like the one the 40-year-old Jared is wearing. This biker jacket is from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 RTW collection and it “has a collar and press-stud fastening wide notched lapels, long sleeves with zips at cuffs, zip-fastening pockets at sleeve and sides, a buckle-fastening belt at waist, two press-stud fastening belt loops, an asymmetric zip fastening through front and is fully lined”.

Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets For Men: Henry Cavill and James McAvoy

ralph lauren leather jackets for men henry cavill

Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets For Men: Henry Cavill and James McAvoy. Looking for Ralph Lauren leather jackets? Well, check out the male model’s ensemble from the desinger label’s Menswear Collection. The sickly yellow trousers is something that no man should ever ever wear (well except maybe Perez Hilton) but the brown leather jacket is fabulous and would be a great addition to any man’s closet — whether they are fashionistos or not.

Football Leather Jackets on American NFL Footballers

football leather jacket worn by tom brady

Football Leather Jackets on American NFL Footballers. Is this the world’s best leather jacket or not? Well, according to our friend Kevin, the best clothes in the world are those which you can wear to bed. So by his definition, Tom Brady’s leather jacket should be declared the best leather jacket in the world. But here’s the disclaimer: Kevin works the night shift and he’s more on the sloppy side so let’s not take his word for what is the best thingie in the world.