Supernatural Leather Jacket: Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)

Supernatural Leather Jacket: Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles (as Dean Winchester) rocks his fab leather jacket in these photos from the set of his hit TV show. We’re told that this outfit is made by Oceandrive Leather, the same Vancouver-based company which made one of Tom Welling’s Smallville leather jacket you can see in our earlier post.

supernatural leather jacket - jensen ackles ocean drive lambskin leather jacket

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Clark Kent’s red leather jacket looks more badass than Dean Winchester’s but the latter’s brown leather jacket ain’t something to scoff at. In fact, it looks pretty cool and fabulous.

These pics must be the most boyishly cute photos of Jensen we’ve seen in a while. Make us fall in love with him all over again. Seriously, how can one not fall for this cutie? And how can one not fall for his leather jacket which you can buy from Oceandrive Leather (just email them and say you want to buy Jensen’s Supernatural jacket).

We’re told the price is like US$2,000 (or maybe that’s Canadian$ rather than US$) which is steep for most of us but not for moneyed guys and guyettes (we’re pretty sure this jacket will also look pretty good on girls like us).

Aww, Jensen is Supercute. We are sounding like a silly fangirl but that’s what we are so we might as well embrace our “fangirlness” and enjoy it. That’s what we learned from Oprah, by the way. Haha.

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Supernatural Leather Jacket Update. Photos of Jensen’s Ocean Drive leather jacket have been deleted from this post. But here are some of the leather jackets he wore on the show.

jensen ackles supernatural leather jacket wilsons vintage

The pic below shows our favorite Supernatural leather jacket. Lookin’ good in leather, Mr. Winchester!

dean winchester supernatural leather jacket

Oh wait, here’s Jensen in his Ocean Drive leather jacket as seen in an episode of Supernatural.

jensen ackles leather jacket supernatural - 2014 sexy leather

Jensen Ackles in a Belstaff Antique Maple Leather Jacket which he wore in the show.

jensen ackles dean winchester leather jacket by belstaff

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