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Jordan Gonzalez Shirtless, Girlfriend, PLL: Original Sin. Who’s the guy rockin’ his long leather coat? Well, clueless Famewatcher, his name is Jordan Gonzalez and he currently stars as Ash Romero in the Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin which shares the same universe as the 2000s TV show Pretty Little Liars but is neither a sequel nor a prequel of the hit Freeform series. Original Sin is available on HBO Max and, we are happy to note, that its gotten great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (average score of 94% fresh).

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Jordan Gonzalez Awards. The show is actually the fifth acting project for Jordan who started in the acting biz only in 2014. Still, as a testament to his talent as an actor, he’s already got two acting awards. Specifically, he won at the Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival and also at the The Renegade Film Fest for his performance as Artie in the 2020 short film Meta. Admittedly, small awards like these are not the Oscars or the Emmys but these are big achievements for a relative newbie like Jordan and, again, are proof that he has the acting talent to be in the biz.

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In Original Sin, Jordan plays Ashley Romero who is described by the the PLL fandom site as a “handsome transgender student at Millwood High and romantic interest to Minnie”. When we read said description, the thing that came to mind was, “Hmmm, maybe the casting people should have found a transgender actor to play the role.” But, then, we eventually found out that Jordan is actually transgender in real life.

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In a 2020 interview with, he talks about his journey to Hollywood, his transition, and how he got his award-winning role in the abovementioned Meta: “So I was in entertainment PR up until last February. I left a big agency job, left the security of the nine to five. It was really 24/7, but for the sake of argument, it was nine to five. I had two phones, I worked seven days a week. It was intense. I left in February and I took the jump and the risk because I really wanted to tell more stories from the trans perspective. I thought it was really important to just try.”

Try, he did and is now a member of a successful TV franchise on HBO Max. Yay!

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Jordan Gonzalez Girlfriend? Is this girl his girlfriend? Nah, that’s his co-star Malia Pyles who plays Minnie Honrada on Original Sin. We will update this post in the future if we have additional info about the actor’s relationship status.

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Jordan Gonzalez Ethnicity. He is Latino. In his interview, he mentions that he is of Cuban descent. By the way, we grabbed these photos from Jordan’s Instagram page which you should follow @jordanlgonzalez.

jordan gonzalez shirtless underwear

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