What to Wear Under White Pants: Tips and Suggestions

What to Wear Under White Pants: Guide, Tips, and Suggestion? We actually already answered this question in the past but we did it only in passing so we decided to revisit the issue and answer the question head-on.

So what to wear under white pants? We will give you four choices, pick the correct answer:

  • Nothing. You can go free-balling (for guys) or loose-lipping (for ladies). You go commando if you are a guy. Or “clamando” which is apparently the female equivalent of commando.
  • You wear white underwear, dummy!
  • Flesh-colored, tan, or nude underwear.
  • What to wear under white pants depends on the situation, the occasion, the kind of pants, and your capacity for embarrassment.

So which of the above choices did you pick? Now, the most common answer — which is correct — would be to go for a flesh-colored or tan underwear. It is a safe choice because tan underwear would be invisible (or less visible) if your white pants is naturally transparent or becomes transparent.

In what instances would your white pants become transparent? First of all, there are lighting conditions where your outfit becomes transparent. Similarly, if you get soaked under the rain, your trousers can become transparent. And, if you are a sweaty kind of guy or gal, your sweat will make your pants transparent.

what to wear under white pants joe cole visible underwear

So, if you are in a situation where you will encounter any of the above — lighting condition, rainy day, and sweatiness — then it is best to buy yourself a flesh-colored or skin tone underwear. You know, like this one if you are a guy:

what to wear under white pants

Or any of these that go with your skin tone if you are a girl:

what to wear under white pants - female

However, there are situations where you don’t have to wear flesh-colored underwear. For instance, if your white pants are made of denim cloth, then you don’t have to concern yourself about your underwear becoming visible. This also applies for other white pants made of thicker non-transparent material. In this instance, you can freeball/looselip or wear underwear of any color.

Now, why is it not advisable to wear white underwear when you are wearing white pants? Because you don’t want to end up showing your undies to people on the street. You know, like this:

what to wear under white pants - visible undies

That’s what we call a white-on-white fashion crime. If you were the one who picked your outfits, you’ll end up becoming the victim of the fashion crime you committed.

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